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Stylish Handmade Jewelry and Neutral Colors
by Clint Jhonson. Being aware of the special and various meanings that colors bear and transferring such awareness in the choices you make of your fashion jewelry (and not only) can offer you an entirely different perspective of the world. Fashion jewelry is not made...
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Wear Handmade Jewelry for Unique Outfits
by Clint Jhonson. You are special. You are inimitable. Your necklaces, bracelets, or rings should speak of nothing else but your personality. When plain stones cannot communicate your unique qualities, it is time you chose something different, able to make a statemen...
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Moissanite Diamond - Fake it Till You Get it !!!
by Anthony Chege. Where do you draw the line between Moissanite Diamonds and the real thing?What is the difference if there is one and how do you differentiate between the two?Real diamonds are created deep in the earth taking millions of years to form under hig...
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Goldfellow - Client Experience
by Janis Rafkin. Below is an experience one of our client's requested we share with the public: Let's face it. Today's consumers are skeptical, and with good reason. Can you blame them? With all the marketing hype and sales pitches people receive today, we are a...

Ear Piercing
by Oleg Nikiforov. One of the most common and popular types of piercing available today is the simple ear piercing - although ear piercings are not quite so simple any longer. With a long, convoluted history which includes being used to brand slaves, earrings are almo...
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How to Start a Wholesale Silver Jewelry Business
by Eelin Chong. Where to Find Wholesale Silver Jewelry ManufacturersThere are many distributors or retaile...
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Tiffany & Co - a Heritage of Innovation
by Dave Simpson. For over 170 years now, Tiffany & Co has been creating some of the world's most stylish and elegant high quality jewellery and silverware. The company was founded in New York in 1937 by Charles Tiffany and Teddy You...
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Pamp and Credit Suisse Bars are Refined to the Highest Standard
by CoinsBullions. Each gold bar is of 24 karat gold purity and has the exact purity and weight stamped on each gold bar, then sealed for your safety and security. The pure gold content of each Credit Suisse gold bar is fully backed by the world renowned Credit Suisse...
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Spinel - Rare and Spectacular
by Nigel Makin. The Spinel Gemstone is the forgotten jewel of the Gemstone world, it is not a birthstone and it has no association as an anniversary gem. The species that gemmologists designate as Spinel comes in just about all colours, however only a few are of Ge...

Peridot - the Seamans Emerald
by Nigel Makin. Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August, as well as being the anniversary stone to celebrate sixteen years of marriage. The name commonly used for this Gemstone in mineralogy is Olivine because of its olive-green colouring. The best source...
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Garnet - the Travelers Gemstone
by Nigel Makin. Almost everyone confuses the Garnet Gemstone with the dark red stone only, the truth of the matter is that Garnet comes in an array of different colours with some of them costing nearly as much as a Sapphire. Garnet is the birthstone for the month o...

Choosing the Right Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry
by Suzanne. ?Why go for handcrafted artisan jewelry when there are so many imitations around? You might escape wearing a duplicate branded garment but keen eyes can easily make out the difference between fake and authentic ones. Imitation jewelry might look goo...
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Diamonds for the UK People
by Article Manager. Sparkling, smooth and lavish are synonym of diamond. Their beauty is not the only reason of acquisition among the buyers, but the rare availability of the piece adds to its value. So, if you want to make someone feel special, gift a diamond. Women a...
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Diamond for Your Wedding Anniversary
by Article Manager. Wedding is one of the most blissful occasions of one's life. It an exhaustive event and involves lot many activities to make the event memorable. From selecting the venue for wedding ceremony to choosing the dress and jewelry for the occasion requir...
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Traditional Jewellery of India
by Monty Alexander. ?Marriages in India are synonymous to jewellery. The traditional jewellery of India is what makes the Indian weddings so rich and unique in their own manner. There are exclusive designs and works which complete the traditional look of the jewellery....
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Fierce Between Akoya Pearls and Freshwater Pearls
by Pattrick Jhonson. There are several differences between the freshwater pearls and Akoya pearls, just like the fierce battles between the cultured pearls and natural ones. To start with, the Akoya pearls are far more expensive than the freshwater ones. The freshwater ...
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Fashion Trend in Jewellery
by lucky. ?The trends is rising in another excellent seasons for the costume jewellery and accessories in bold designs, and rich colors for the leading fashion. There is a large market that shouldn't be ignored.??The most popular fashion trends are necklaces,...
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How to Purchase the Best Pearl Necklace for Your Wedding Day
by Pattrick Jhonson. Brides have been fascinated by elegantly carved pearl necklaces, for immemorial centuries. Adding this perfect accessory to your bridal gown, not only enhances your subtle and eye-catching features, but also proves to be auspicious for your wedding....
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Diamond Shapes by Gemisimo
by Gemisimo Ltd..Diamond Shapes by Gemisimo by: Gemisimo Ltd. What is the diamond shapeMany buyers often confuse between the diamond cut and shape of a diamond.
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Diamond Clarity by Gemisimo
by Gemisimo Ltd..Diamond Clarity by Gemisimo by: Gemisimo Ltd. What are the imperfections affecting diamond clarity?A perfectly clear diamond (FL)?is rare and ex
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Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring
by Frank Luca.Diamond Engagement Rings: Make Your Soon-to-be-bride Feel Special by: Frank Luca Engagement is a memorable occasion where you make commitment fo
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How to Select a Loose Diamond??
by Alex. Diamonds, known for their beauty and durability, were, until late, almost always seen in various jewelry facets alone- diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond pendants. With the jewelry trend leaning towards personalized jewelry ...
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Diamond Jewelry Maintenance by Gemisimo
by Gemisimo Ltd..Diamond Jewelry Maintenance by Gemisimo by: Gemisimo Ltd. Detergent washUsing a mild detergent and warm water prepare a soapy solution. Leave yo
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A Special Ring for Special Occasion
by lucky. White gold is a mixture of a white metal. This metal may be Palladium or nickel which gives white and a slight yellow shade to it. White gold is also measured in carat, like yellow gold. White gold is not a special form of gold that’s why we d...
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Jewel Desire
by Michalle Singh.  India is no stranger to lavishness. The history of India revels that the country has enjoyed immense wealth and even the greater desire to enjoy that. From the colorful land of Rajasthan originated the India's most cherished, elegant and iconi...
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