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Cufflinks...a Style Statement for Men
by lucky. Cufflinks came when men wanted something more stylish than ties or ribbons to hold together their cuffs. Cufflinks were designed only for use with link cuff, which have buttonholes on both the sides but no buttons. Men began using small chains that ...
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Beaded Jewellery
by Aravind Ramesh. ?It's quite obvious that beaded jewellery is very much in the spotlight of fashion stage from the last 4 years or so. We see colourful and chunky beaded necklaces, exaggerated heavy bracelets and long beaded belts in every fashion window, celebritie...
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Designer Jewellery Online
by Aravind Ramesh. ?With so many identical looking traditional jewellery filling up jewellers and shops, modern women set their eye more and more on unique looking Designer Jewellery Online. Designer jewellery is popular because they are specially designed and careful...
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Differences Between Diamond Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands
by Mr. Praven Sharma.Differences Between Diamond Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands by: Mr. Praven Sharma Diamond wedding rings and bands are both appropriate styles of
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Diamond Earrings
by Mr. Praven Sharma.Diamond Earrings by: Mr. Praven Sharma "A diamond is forever," as the old saying goes. The late actress Marilyn Monroe said it best: "a diamond
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The Unmatched Beauty of Diamond Pendants
by JohnM. The female neckline is so beautiful, it almost calls out to be adorned with a lovely piece of jewelry. Diamond pendants are beautiful and classical items of jewelry, which can do wonders for any outfit. That expensive Gucci dress will look absolutel...
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The Allure of Diamond Earrings
by Anat. They say that it's the accessories that make or break an outfit. The case is certainly true when it comes to that little precious item called diamond earrings. That Armani dress may have cost the earth, but, without the right accessory it might look...
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Diamond Jewelry
by Mr. Praven Sharma.Diamond Jewelry by: Mr. Praven Sharma Men find it difficult to choose the perfect diamond jewelry for the women in their lives. Generally, they
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Timepieces are Timeless Gifts
by Jonathan Blocker. The gift of timepieces is a venerable tradition. Designer watches are given for all sorts of reasons - birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and more. At one time, mens gold watches were traditionally given to employees once they had been at a comp...
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Famous Diamonds of the World
by Donna Terra. ?There are many sayings that go along with diamonds. 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' and 'diamonds are forever' are some of them. There is no doubt that diamonds are popular, with people all over the world flocking to buy these precious stones. ...
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Jewellery Designing and Creation
by Madelyn. ?Jewellery these days is exclusive and a fashion. People are becoming image conscious; they do not want jewellery as a symbol of financial security but to make a fashion statement and as trends wear that suits different occasions. In olden Roman tim...
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The Curse of the Hope Diamond
by Jack. Diamonds have always spun a realm of lore, legacy and mystery around them ever since they have been known to mankind. Engagement rings and loose diamonds are just meager modern manifestations of the truly supreme stone, which is...
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Diamond Engagement Rings: Make Her Feel Unique and Special
by Frank Luca.Diamond Engagement Rings: Make Her Feel Unique and Special by: Frank Luca Diamond engagement rings symbolize true love, dedication and commitmen
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925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
by thaisilverjewelry.925 Sterling Silver Jewelry by: thaisilverjewelry A great deal of silver jewellery available today is called 925 silver. Have you ever wandered
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The One Piece of Jewelry Hell Wear
by Jonathan Blocker. It's well known that except for wedding bands and mens wrist watches, most men do not usually wear costume jewelry on a regular basis. This is one reason that timepieces such as men's wrist watches make excellent gifts.Gifts for All SeasonsThere is...
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The Custom of Exchanging Wedding Rings
by Naval Sharma. ?The custom of exchanging links is being practiced since ages. The binding of relationships with these small round structures has an eternal importance. Let's read this article to find more about the ring exchanging custom that everybody experiences...
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Diamondsking Guides - the Structure of the Diamond
by Diamondsking Admin. The diamonds can be divided in three main parts, the crown corresponding to the top side of the stone, the pavilion being the lower one, and the girdle joining them.The CrownThe crown const of the upper side of the diamond, we can easily spot the ta...
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Diamondsking Guides - the Diamonds in the History
by Diamondsking Admin. From thousands of years ago, the diamonds have inspired humans to do exceptional acts, considered the most precious of the gemstones, this are, by far, the most extraordinary jewels ever.There are many, many theories about the discovery of this magn...
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Diamondsking Guides - Understanding the Colors of the Diamonds
by Diamondsking Admin. The color is one of the principal characteristics of this stones, and maybe one of the easiest to spot with naked eye.In theory, the rule is simple, the most transparent and absent of color the diamond is, the higher its quality, but of course, all ...
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Diamondsking Guides - Understanding the Clarity of the Diamonds
by Diamondsking Admin. Even though with naked eye all the diamonds can look the same, this is far from being true.It's important to define some concepts in order to learn about the clarity of these precious gems. First of all, let's classify the imperfections that can aff...
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Diamondsking Guides - Understanding the Cut of the Diamonds
by Diamondsking Admin. The cut is considered by the majority of the gemologists, the most significant aspect of the diamonds, since it's a fact that, a big sized diamond with superb color with bad cut, doesn't shine and excel like it should, wasting the beauty of the gem....
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Diamondsking Guides - Understanding the Weight of the Diamonds
by Diamondsking Admin. The weight of the diamond, or as well defined as carat weight, indirectly measure the size, and it's the only one of the four basic factors that has no direct impact over the quality of the gem (but it does on the price!).What is a carat?The word ca...
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Tips to Maintain Your Precious Diamond Forever New
by sarahbaltic. Presenting a few straightforward advices on how to preserve your diamond ornaments and keep them in the most excellent conditions everlastingly. Your diamond ornaments pleased your dreams. It is apparent that you fancy them to be as unblemished and ...
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Diamond Wedding Rings: Make Your Marriage Memorable
by Frank Luca.Diamond Wedding Rings: Make Your Marriage Memorable by: Frank Luca Wedding ring has great significance in the lives of all prospective brides an
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Tahitian Pearl Necklace Beauty
by Editor-123. Pearls are a true style statement; they can make anyone crazy with their glossy shine and warm looks. Pearls don't have to be conservative; they are ever green and last forever. So, if you're thinking that pearl strands can be worn by demure housewi...
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