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Caring for Your Gold Jewellery
by Monty Alexander. ?Gold has been the fashion metal for centuries and still rules the roost. Girls preserve it as their priced possession and families own traditional gold jewellery to be passed on to their future generations. Gold has been a favourite investment opti...
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Mystical Power of Gemstones
by Alex. Apart from their use as ornamental instruments used in gemstone jewelry, gemstones have been used for remedial purposes in accordance with astrology for centuries. While many make fun of the idea of gems having any influence on us, others have compl...
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Jeweler Exchange Policies
by Diamond Stud. Diamond jeweler exchange policies.?As I've stated before, jewelers-the good ones, anyway-- spend tremendous amounts of time on communication and setting expectations with clients. But one troublesome issue that arises every no...
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Using Pearl Bridal Jewelry for your Wedding
by Dave Page. Wedding is the most wonderful experience for every human being. This is the day when two souls become one. It is the dream of every bride to look the most beautiful woman on the earth on her day. Jewelry plays a vital role to add more charm and beau...
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Diamonds - Why are They so Desirable?
by Archibald Rockwealth. A diamond has long been acknowledged as the hardest substance on earth. No matter where in the world you live, everyone knows that diamonds are highly valued and treasured in all cultures and countries around the globe. What is not as well known is ...
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Buy Online Gold Jewelry | Buy Online Silver Jewelry
by search rankpros.Buy Online Gold Jewelry | Buy Online Silver Jewelry by: search rankpros Yes, it ofcourse does. Turnkey online businesses are among the best busi
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Timepieces - the Ideal Gift
by Jonathan Blocker. Women who are puzzled about the ideal gift for the men in their lives should seriously consider men's diamond watches. The reason for this is that while men frequently present gifts of jewelry to women, the reverse is rarely true. Male jewelry is us...
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What You Should Know Before Buying Silevr Jewelry
by ebet sanders. There are many different names for silver jewelry on the market today. So what are all these types of silver and what they mean? This article will educate you to understand what different terminology, when you buy silver jewelry or silver objects. W...
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Silver - a Brief History
by ebet sanders. Discovery of silver The discovery of metals to leave the great leap forward for human civilization. The first to be discovered were the native metals such as gold, silver and copper that occurs naturally in a pure form. "As each metal was discovered...
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How to Select South China Pearl?
by huiya. South China Sea Pearl has a history of more than 2,000 years and it also reputed as 'The king of the pearls'. Since Qin dynasty, it was honored as an offer to the emperor by the local governments and officials. While visiting China, most traveller w...
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Luxury Timepieces in Diamond
by Jonathan Blocker. It's safe to say the diamond watches are perhaps the final word in luxury watches. Men's diamond watches are manufactured by many different companies around the world; these and other quality men's watches come in numerous styles as w...
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Get the Right Pearl Bridal Jewelry for Your Budget
by Tiffany Lorfevre. It's a great day! You've decided to marry your true love! Now it is time to find the engagement ring that shines as bright as your love. It is natural to want the best of the best and the most "bling" for your buck when making an important purchase....
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Engagement Rings: Go With Fashion Trend
by Frank Luca.Engagement Rings: Go With Fashion Trend by: Frank Luca As rings are used at different occasion like at time of engagement, wedding, anniversary
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Jewelry Exchange
by Diamond Stud. ?Online jewelry exchange in the true sense of the concept is not something that is easily defined. What we do know is that jewelers throughout the United States and the world are notorious for their exorbitant sales margin. Whether we're talking abo...
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Buy Diamond Engagement Rings Online
by Deancandy. Diamond engagement rings are a fantasy of every woman. All the girls, around the world want to be wooed in the most romantic manner, and there is nothing more romantic than diamond engagement rings. And the best part is that, now you can buy diamond...
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Hunting for Gemstones
by Mister E.Hunting for Gemstones by: Mister E Have you ever imagined finding precious gemstones or treasure? Do you have an interest in Gemology? I recentl
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Pearl Jewelry Gift Ideas for Women
by Pearl Classic. It seems to get harder and harder to give a gift to an important woman in your life and make her truly surprised. Flowers are almost always expected, electronics are too easy, and gift cards are just too impersonal. Jewelry tends to be a gift you ca...
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Romantic Component of Pearls in Jewelry
by Alex. The fast changes in fashion make this world so astounding. The diamond used to be "the queen of gem' but now all kinds of other gemstones are becoming just as popular in gemstone jewelry. The new fashion concept is virtually a harmony of all gems in...
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What to Look Out for When Selecting Jewellery
by Mohit Sharma. ?When selecting jewellery you have to think about the design of jewellery, quality, fashion, diamond, gold, silver and range. The designer and fashion jewellery are unlimited depending on what you want out of them. So here are some jewellery sets yo...
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Engagement Rings: Make Your Partner to Feel Top of the World
by Frank Luca.Engagement Rings: Make Your Partner to Feel Top of the World by: Frank Luca The best way to buy a perfect engagement ring is to know more and mo
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What Can You Do With All Your Mardi Gras Beads
by Craig Thornburrow. Mardi gras beads are throws that are tossed from the floats as they pass during a Mardi gras day parade.? It is so much fun to try to catch as many beads as you can, but you end up with bags and bags of beads of various sizes and colors.? What can y...
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Engagement Rings: Give Her the Perfect Ring
by Mark Talyor. ?We all know the kind of importance engagement rings have in the life of women, who are in love, and are seeking commitment. Engagement ring cannot be called a materialistic way of displaying one's love. Gifting such ring has a lot of emotions attac...
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Tourmaline - a Modern Gemstone
by Nigel Makin. When discovered at source Tourmaline is usually in long slender crystal shards with different variations of colour running along it's length, finding a crystal with only one colour is a rare occurrence. This wonderfully coloured jewel is a rarity in...
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Turquoise - the Holy Stone
by Nigel Makin. For thousands of years the ancient Persians exported Turquoise to the world, it was hugely popular and to this day demand is still massive, so huge is this demand that a worldwide industry has developed not just to mine it, but to imitate and reprod...
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Citrine - Lucky Merchants Stone
by Nigel Makin. A variety of Quartz ranging in colour from lemon yellow to a deep red brown or amber is called Citrine and is also the birthstone for the month of November.Natural deposits of Citrine are found in Argentina, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, Namibia, Rus...
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