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Identifying Real Freshwater Pearls
by Robert. Pearls are elegant jewelry. You can buy them shaped as necklaces, bracelets, earrings or even as an accent to a ring. There are hundreds, if not thousands of pearl jewelry designs to choose from in the market today. Before you buy one for yoursel...
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Unique Jewelry Buying Experience at the Jewelry Domain
by thejewelrydomain.Unique Jewelry Buying Experience at the Jewelry Domain by: thejewelrydomain ?Shopping for jewelry at TheJewelryDomain.com is truly a unique expe
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Get United and Stay United With the Diamond Rings
by Raisa Raima. Most of us have little or almost no information when it comes to the selection and purchase of a diamond jewellery. In this article, we will share some vital information that can help you to make a better and justified choice. Let us know some con...
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Oral Piercing
by Oleg Nikiforov. Oral piercing is one of the most popular types of piercing out there, and its popularity is ever increasing. Oral piercings are classified as anything which involves the mouth. The most common oral piercing is the tongue piercing, but labret pierc...
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Increase Your Income With a Jewelry Affiliate Program
by Kassia Macy. One of the things you can count on to have a constant market is jewelry. Jewelry pieces are always bought for various purposes ranging from necessity to whim. With this in mind, there are a large number of people that want to enter this market, yet ...
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Beautiful Swarovski Stones
by The Imagineer.Beautiful Swarovski Stones by: The Imagineer Beautiful Stones - Worn With PassionRhinestones The Rhine in 'rhinestones' comes from the Rhine Riv
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The Vivid Blue Gemstone
by Rajesh Kumar.The Vivid Blue Gemstone by: Rajesh Kumar Aquamarine is a transparent, light blue or sea green stone that is soft.?The vivid blue gemstone derive
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Murano. Unique. Why?
by Patricia Furstenberg. Glass is all around us and it has been for centuries. It is so commonly used that we literally see through it... so why pay so much for a piece of glass jewelry? Just because it is Made in Murano?Because it is ...
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Family Seal Rings - Useful in the Past, Todays Stunning Jewelry
by diane hamments. ?Jewelry has adorned the bodies of men and women for tens of thousands of years - since before mankind began recording history or even had any type of written language. Family seal rings haven't been around for quite that long, but their history doe...
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Pearls: Classic and Stylish
by Linda Blatchford. Pearls are June Birthstones: along with Pearl, Moonstone (Traditional: Alexandrite). By Linda BlatchfordJewelry DesignerThere is so much history about pearls that five (5) months claim them as their birthstone: February, April, June (traditiona...
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Why Buy Moissanite? Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend!
by Sydney Hornbrook. Inevitably during my day to day e-mail perusings at MoissaniteMaven.com I will come across the following question: "I can afford to buy a diamond ring, so why buy moissanite? Diamonds are a girl's best friend!" Well, it's not always asked exactly li...

World Famous Diamonds 3
by David Cowley.World Famous Diamonds 3 by: David Cowley ?The Centenary?The Centenary was found on July 17th, 1986 at the Premier Mine.? Only a handful of peopl
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Facts About Man Made Diamonds
by David Cowley.Facts About Man Made Diamonds by: David Cowley De Beers was founded in South Africa in 1888 and today is the largest producer and seller of diam
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Why are Some Diamonds Colored
by David Cowley.Why are Some Diamonds Colored by: David Cowley The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS), and the International
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World Famous Diamonds 2
by David Cowley.World Famous Diamonds 2 by: David Cowley ?The Beau Sancy?Also called The Little Sancy is a rounded pear shaped and weights about 34 carats and h
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World Famous Diamonds 1
by David Cowley.World Famous Diamonds 1 by: David Cowley ?Agra Diamond?The first recorded history of the Agra Diamond in 1526 when Babur the first Mogul emperor
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Facts About Green Diamonds
by David Cowley.Facts About Green Diamonds by: David Cowley ?Green Diamond?A natural diamond coming into contact with a radioactive source at some point during
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Facts About Yellow Diamonds
by David Cowley.Facts About Yellow Diamonds by: David Cowley ?Yellow Diamonds?Yellow diamonds were once thought to be inferior.? Paler yellows, such as canary y
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Facts About Pink Diamonds
by David Cowley.Facts About Pink Diamonds by: David Cowley ?Graff Pink Supreme Diamond?The Argyle Diamond Mine is located in a remote corner of North West Austr
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Facts About Champagne Diamonds
by David Cowley.Facts About Champagne Diamonds by: David Cowley ?Champagne Diamond?The majority of the Champagne color diamonds are found in the Ragged Ranges i
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The Facts About Blue Diamonds
by David Cowley.The Facts About Blue Diamonds by: David Cowley ??Diamonds are composed of carbon atoms that have been subject to extreme pressure and heat.?? If
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Facts About Black Diamonds
by David Cowley.Facts About Black Diamonds by: David Cowley ??Black diamonds are also called carbonados diamonds.? The Portuguese in Brazil coined the term carb
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What are Conflict Diamonds
by David Cowley.What are Conflict Diamonds by: David Cowley Because of the successful advertising campaigns in the United States, diamonds symbolize Eternal Lov
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The Truth About Diamonds
by David Cowley.The Truth About Diamonds by: David Cowley When diamonds are cut properly they will enhance any piece of jewelry.? They are stunning to look at,
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How are Diamonds Made
by David Cowley.How are Diamonds Made by: David Cowley Millions of years ago the ancient oceans had microorganisms that lived and died in the oceans.? When the
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