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Timing Grace on Wrist
by kellysmile. ??The party watches are ornately modeled and studded with crystals, blob, diamonds, and pearls. These watches are made from expensive metals with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, precious stones along with platinum, which is the latest trend due to its ...
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Elsa Peretti: Tiffany Jewelry of Simple, Seamless Style
by Terry. Elsa Peretti's Tiffany jewelry and particularly her necklace designs have seduced almost the whole world with their fluid lines and sensual forms for years now. Peretti's peerless touch is marked by an equal attention to texture as well as appearanc...

Wedding Rings: Celebrate Your Marriage
by Roger Glass. A wedding is a great occasion in the lives of people who are going to get married.?? It's one of the cherished moments in our lives. Marriage is not the culmination of love, but only the beginning of a journey where you will get precious moments to ...
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The Jacob Diamond as an Engagement Ring
by Jack. The Jacob Diamond is now a part of an exclusive exhibit of the ongoing jewels of the Nizam of Hyderabad at the National Museum in New Delhi. Visitors to this exhibition are left awestruck at the range and magnificence on display and taken aback at t...
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Diamond Engagement Rings: Bring Jollity to Her Heart and Soul
by Frank Luca.Diamond Engagement Rings: Bring Jollity to Her Heart and Soul by: Frank Luca Diamond is considered to be the hardest metal around. Thus, when a
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Why Does the Necklace Length Include the Clasp?
by shecypearljewelry.Why Does the Necklace Length Include the Clasp? by: shecypearljewelry Jewelers know the necklace length includes the clasp.But some people have
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Mokume- From Swords to Jewelry
by Kassia Macy. All over the world there have been many different ways to manipulate metals in order to obtain beautiful and unique shapes. Although they were meant at first to create practical objects, they have later become the primary process of creating decorat...

Happiness Jewelry Pendant - Remember Your Childhood
by Kassia Macy. Most people today live their lives according to a specific schedule which can be summarized in basically two destinations: work and home. Sure there is that period when you are on vacation and you would go somewhere to relax, but for family men and ...
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Tiffanys Engagement Rings-a Stylish Approach
by mack donal. Engagement ceremony is a very important event in everyone's life and everyone wants to make such event memorable to be cherished till death. It is marked as the stepping stone in the new married life that is completely different from what you had in...
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Pearl Pendants - a Twinkle in Eye
by Editor-123. Jewelry has always been a true companion of every woman. When you match yourself with sparking pieces of jewelry, it really flaunts with your overall personality. A little piece of jewelry can make you different and special not physically but within...
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How to Find the Best Wedding Jewelry
by Joe Boll. When it comes time to get married, you have a lot of things on your mind. In addition to all of the planning that goes into a wedding, you have big decisions to make on wedding jewelry. The engagement ring, for instance, is the first thing you have ...
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Gems of the Rich and Famous
by Rachel Lieberman.Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II: This monarch has jewelry. In fact she has so much jewelry that she has a special room to keep it in about the size of an ice rink, and situated 40 feet beneath Buckingham Palace. That does not even include the British ...
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How to Judge the Quality of Your Gemstones Setting
by Rachel Lieberman. Now that you have found the perfect gem, all you need to do is make sure it is displayed well and held securely in place.To judge the quality of the jewelry setting, pay close attention to details. Is the metal holding the stone even and smoothly fi...
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Unique Designer Mens Rings
by Jonathan Blocker. Men's diamond rings actually haven't been around all that long. Up until about 120 years ago, there weren't even men's wedding bands. It was very unusual for even a woman to wear a diamond wedding band. Major diamond merchants such as DeBeers in the...
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Unique Engagement Rings
by Jonathan Blocker. When you are shopping for an engagement ring and jewelers start talking about 'certified loose diamonds, 'what does that mean? Essentially, it means that the diamonds have been examined and graded by professional gemologists working under laboratory...
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What is a Claddagh Ring
by diane hamments. ?The design elements common to all Claddagh rings are two hands lovingly holding, embracing or caressing a heart, topped by a simple crown. The Claddagh design is strongly identified with Ireland and its history and lore, but it actually symbolizes ...
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Spice Up Your Love
by Frank Luca.Spice Up Your Love by: Frank Luca Also, new trends in stones and settings in engagement rings has created so much deep impact that women are so
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Heraldic Jewellery - Proudly Worn in War and in Peace
by diane hamments. ?Heraldic jewellery has been worn with great pride and dignity for more than a thousand years. During the long-ago but fascinating Middle Ages, nobles and knights who were about to go into battle would bedeck their armor and shields with their heral...
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Diamond Cut
by Mr. Praven Sharma.Diamond Cut by: Mr. Praven Sharma Cut height is the most important factor in a diamond's brilliance. Since it's all about light optics and the i
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Know About Diamond Price
by Mr. Praven Sharma.Know About Diamond Price by: Mr. Praven Sharma A diamond's price is directly related to the combination of the five C's. Diamond prices are dete
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Learn About Diamonds Before Buying
by Mr. Praven Sharma.Learn About Diamonds Before Buying by: Mr. Praven Sharma Diamond is the hardest known naturally occurring stuff, scoring 10 on the relative Mohs
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6 Handy Tips on Buying the Right Diamonds
by Mr. Praven Sharma.6 Handy Tips on Buying the Right Diamonds by: Mr. Praven Sharma Believe it a not; there are jewelers who are unable to differentiate a diamond c
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Military Rings and What They Signify
by diane hamments. ? Military Rings are worn by current and retired members of the military as a highly visible demonstration of their proud participation in a branch of serv...
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How to Care for Your Diamond Earrings
by Craig Thornburrow. Whether you have purchased your own diamond earring or they were a gift or perhaps even past down as a family heirloom, the only way to keep them looking their best is by knowing how to care for them properly. In order to take care of them properly ...
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Stylish Pearl Jewelry
by Editor-123. Pearl jewelry is every lady's favorite secret to be elegant and stylish no matter where she is. Pearl jewelry complements all occasion whether it is worn by the bride on her wedding day or by an executive for a formal party. Apart from its super cla...
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