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Real Women Love Martha
Topic : Real Women & Real Woman : Martha
by Kristin Johnson.Martha Stewart will make sugar cookies and a whopping pitcher of lemonade out of lemons after she’s finished serving her sentence at “Camp Cupcake” and house arrest. Why? Let’s look beyond the “she...
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Finding Time to Pamper Yourself
Topic : Pamper Yourself & Pampering Yourself : How to Pamper Yourself
by Donna McAlister.As women we are always putting ourselves last. We cater to the needs of our ailing parents, our significant others, and our kids; but by the time we get around to ourselves it is either to late in t...
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Wanted: A Diva for the job of a lifetime!
Topic : Diva & Jobs : Dream Job
by Merci Miglino.“When I was a child, I always thought the world was mine, A stomping ground for me, full of opportunities. I always had this attitude that I was going to go out into the world and do all the things I...
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Keeping it Simple this Season
Topic : Seasons : Keep it Simple
by Merci Miglino.It's back. The holiday season and all the challenges that come with it! This is the time when we are most tempted to overdo things - shopping, partying, spending. This year…why not practice the art ...
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12 Interesting Facts to Know About Candles
Topic : Candles & Candle : Facts about Candle
by Susquehanna Candle.If you're considering some type of marketing plan involving candle sales consider the following: 1. The Candle industry is growing; more so because of our society’s stressful lives and everyone’s que...
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Using Natural Progesterone Cream Wisely
Topic : Natural Progstesterone Cream & Progeteterone Cream
by Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP.Since the total truth came out about HRT, the medical community has been in turmoil and somewhat divided as to what should be recommended to women who are experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance....
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Balancing Your Hormones Naturally -- What To Do First
Topic : Balancing of Hormones : How to Balance Hormones
by Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP.Balancing Your Hormones Naturally – What To Do First By: Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH One of the questions that I frequently get asked is "What steps do I need to take to begin getting my ho...
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Right Hand Diamond Ring
Topic : Diamond Ring & Diamonds Rings : Right Hand Diamond Ring
by Laura Ciocan.The hottest trend in jewelry fashion, the Right Hand Diamond Ring seems to raise sales sky-high. The latest trend in diamond jewelry is the Right Hand Diamond Ring. The marketing significance load is...
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Seven Tips for Choosing a Maid of Honor
Topic : Maid : Hiring a Maid & Choosing a Maid
by Blake Kritzberg.Choosing your Maid of Honor is more complicated than it looks. Nowhere else in your wedding planning is it easier for vexing problems to turn up! Why? Because the Maid of Honor’s duties are often vag...
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Your Mission Field At Work
Topic : Work & Mission at Work
by Kimberly Chastain.One point many Christian Working Moms who have been interviewed have made is that they are a shining light in their work place. Whether or not you can speak openly about your faith at work, your co-...
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Manicure at Home
Topic : Manicure & Manicures : Doing Manicure
by Kenia Morales.Required items to perform manicure: Bowl with warm soapy water scrub lotion petroleum jelly or any other moisturizing lotion cuticle pusher Favorite nail polish and clear polish Nail poli...
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Types of Pearls and Their Value
by Yan Berry.Pearls are an enduring classic of romantic beauty and sophistication suitable for almost any occasions or celebrations. Pearls may be worn with formal eveningwear, with a business suit, or casually w...
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Natural Ways To Boost Your Sexual Power In Autumn
Topic : Sexual Power & Increasing Sex Stamina
by Amy Guven.If your sexual tempo is decreased after sunny summer days do not be anxious! This is totally normal. You will find a few recommendations and a special formula for men to overcome these hard days on t...
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Choosing The Right Gemstone
Topic : Gemstone Jewelry : Different Gemstones
by G. L. Bycz.Gemstones are one of this world's great miracles. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Although I love them all, emeralds, especially, are very dear to me. Besides displaying my favori...
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The Cyber Lothario
by Kathryn Lord.Are you writing to someone who is romancing you off your feet? Does this guy seem to know just what to say or write that gets you a step or two further down the garden path? Perhaps more dangerous t...
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How To Seduce A Woman The Right Way
Topic : How to Get Women & How To Attract Woman
by Dean Phillips.Gentlemen, if you really want to seduce a woman the right way, you have to make everything revolve around her. Everything! The seduction starts long before you get into bed together. It starts with y...
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PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome
Topic : PMS & PMS Symptoms : Premenstrual Syndrome
by Lee Mellott.Millions of women experience symptoms of PMS every month. Crying spells, nervousness, anxiety, depression, bloating, headache, fatigue…The list goes on. Each woman is unique as to the degree of sever...

8 Spray Tanning Tips
Topic : Tanning Tips : Spray Tanning & Spray on Tanning
by Angela Maroevich.With the recent surge in the popularity of tanning, many people are flocking to salons to use tanning booths or beds to build and maintain a healthy tan, but some people are still leery of the effect...
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Special Journaling Technique
Topic : Journaling Technique & Insights of Life
by Patti Testerman.List-making is a favorite journaling technique and is often used to quickly jot down a numbered record on topics like “my beliefs,” “my pet peeves,” “the things I hate about myself,” or “my strengths...
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Writing a Personal Journal
Topic : Personal Journal & Happines Quotes
by Patti Testerman.Author Tristine Rainer wrote “Happiness within a diary has less to do with the events you encounter in life than with the way you experience the process of living.” Because a diary mirrors how you p...

Keep a Dream Journal: Why Bother?
Topic : Dream Journal : Keeping a Journal
by Patti Testerman.Want a key to unlock your inner wisdom? Try keeping a dream journal. Experts believe that our nighttime dreams deal with concerns, worries, or events that we experience during our waking hours. A st...
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Womens Wages - Is It Justified?
by Julie Sarup.The beginning God made man and woman, and handed over the reins of this world in their hands. The passing time through centuries, have witnessed the God’s ordinance being twisted by man, to suit his ...
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9 Myths About Being Single
Topic : Being Single : Singlehood
by Susan Dunn, MA.More than 48% of US households are headed by unmarried individuals. The American Association for Single People projects that by 2010, 47.2% of adults will be unmarried. Being single does not mean b...
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Choosing A Perfume
Topic : Choosing a Perfume - How to choose a Perfume
by Sara Blackmoore.The choice of fragrances and scents seems to grow wider every day, as manufacturers fight for our attention and try ever harder to distinguish their offerings from the competition. With such a select...
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Ladies: What You Should Know Before Buying A Car
Topic : Car Buying Tips : Women Buying Car
by Peggy Butler.Of the millions of folks who purchase automobiles each year, women report they have difficulty making the correct choice. This is based on the fact that the average female is not familiar with the i...
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