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Help the Frizzies With Hair Styling Foam
by Katie Grea. Oh wow - look at YOU! Did you just stick your finger in a light socket girl? Frizzies or what? What? Me? Oh I use hair styling foam and it keeps my fuzz nicely tamed down. I couldn't stand it otherwise. Well, you know what my hair is like wit...
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Lipsense - Have a Million Dollar Smile
by Alien. Questions like who want to have a million dollar smile should not be asked because it's obvious that every one would love to have such a smile. People who do not have such a smile have an
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Hair Care Secrets
by Duanphen Singhaphan. Copyright (c) 2008 Duanphen SinghaphanOne thing above all stood out in my mind in my visit with Lieutenant Colonel Nelson R. Moon some years ago at his home in Riverside, California, in company with a lady friend of mine. He told us that "if you wan...
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Anti Aging Dietary Product For Healthy Skin
by Alien. Your skin is a reflection of your body's overall health. A consistent maintenance is needed for your skin and body.Our perfect anti-aging skin dietary product is necessary for
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Adorage - for the Skin You Will Adore
by Alien. Skin Couture line for those who care about their skin.The Story.The first luxury skincare line to combine gentle neutralized glycolic acid and active ingredients wit

The Magic of Adorage Skincare Line
by Alien. NEUTROLIZED GLYCOLIC ACIDADORAGE is a rare skincare line. The brand's creators and chemists have combined the regenerative, rejuvenating power of Glycolic acid with active ingr
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Ghd Mk4 Hair Straighteners Handle it All
by Katie Grea. If you want to get a handle on your unruly, all over the place except where it's supposed to be curls, then you must try the GHD MK4 hair straighteners. Just marvelous darling! Totally the best thing you will ever find to tame those waves. But, if...
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Curls Got You in a Dither? Go for Hair Straighteners!
by Katie Grea. Honey, I don't know what you are so upset about! Your hair looks terrific - honestly! No I am not just saying that so you will hurry up or we will be late for supper. The curls look real great ' but ' hey ' if you don't like them then use that thi...

Hair Styling Foam Tips
by Katie Grea. Bet you wouldn't want to be without your hair styling foam right? Have the frizzies? Dry hair that won't quit? Dull hair that just hangs there? Want to do something about that? Then what you do is find a good hair styling foam that adds extra moist...
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Clip in Hair Extensions and Go!
by Katie Grea. Never has there been a faster, easier, and more elegant way to make your hair look like a million bucks. What do you use? Clip-in hair extensions! Easy said, easy done and in under five minutes you can have a whole new do! Not bad for a minimal ...
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Aesthetican - Go it Alone or Bring in Help
by Alien. You've got a skin glitch you want gone - or at least diminished. Where do you go for help? Well, it depends on the severity of the problem. Obviously, if you suspect skin cancer, you need

Skin Care - Doctors Fast Fixes
by Alien. I call the following treatments "doctors' fast fixes" because they use lasers or needles, which push them into the realm of medical treatments. However, the procedures are every bit as f
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Locticians Help You Grow Great Dreadlocks
by Jeffery Bradley. Copyright (c) 2008 Jeffery BradleyA loctician is a hairstylists specializing in dreadlocks. They help you grow dreadlocks safe, fast, and effective.A loctician will help or guide you through the process of growing dreadlocks. They create "buds" or...
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Beauty Tips - Small Changes - Updating Your Look
by Alien. Once Upon A Time, hair fashion moved slowly. A look that was popular in one century might still be just as current in the next. And when looks did change, they did so subtly - maybe the sha
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Beauty and Stress - Effects of Stress
by Alien. It's when tension becomes long term - as it has for so many of us - that your mood, your body, and your beauty - suffers. The following conditions are common beauty? leaching reactions to
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Dermabrasion and Fat Injections
by Alien. When it comes down to it, dermabrasion is a form of sandblasting for your face. The procedure uses a small rotating abrasive brush to sand away the top layers of skin. How many layers, exac
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Brushes - Types of Brushes
by Alien. Here's a rundown of various types of brushes:Boar-bristle brushesNatural boar-bristle hairbrushes have bristles made from the hair of the adult boar. If you look at
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Nail Masks and Antiseptic for Assembling a Nail Tool Kit
by Alien. Nail masksNail masks fall into the "nail care extra" category. While not necessary, they are an effective way to draw moisture to dry, parched, peeling nails, and to soften st
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History of Dreadlocks a Unique Hairstyle
by Jeffery Bradley. Copyright (c) 2008 Jeffery BradleyCan anyone grow dreadlocks or just Black people? Black people's kinky hair leads many to believe they are the only race that grows dreadlocks. Therefore, it's a part of Black culture. But everywhere in the world,...
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Hair Extensions Mean Beautiful You!
by Katie Grea. Darling we have just been invited to the posh-est nightspot ever and I have nothing to wear! What? Oh right, and what on earth do I do with this horrendous hair? No wait, I can cancel. Yeah that's right, it would be embarrassing. So what do I d...
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Learn How to Lose Cellulite on Your Legs
by Matt Shuebrook. How do I Lose Weight Around My Hips, Stomach, and Thighs? Discover 8 simple moves that will literally reshape your body in less than 8 weeks.How many times in the pas
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Demi-permanent Hair Color and Permanent Hair Color
by Alien. Demi-permanent hair color - which some people mistakenly call semi-permanent ?lasts from 12 to 24 shampoos. It contains a small amount of peroxide - which means a small amount of hair dama

Shampoo Basics - Should I Wash My Hair Every Day?
by Alien. Unless your hair is supremely oily, washing hair every day is not only unnecessary, it can be damaging. Taking every other day off from shampoo - or even 2 or more days off if your hair is
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Beauty Peels - Big-deal Treatments
by Alien. When it comes to beauty, a general rule of thumb is "the less the pain, the less dramatic the gain." Keep this in mind if you're looking for big results. For instance, if you'd like to
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Lifting the Aging Face
by Dr Barry Eppley. Facelifting is an inherent part of plastic surgery and one of the earliest cosmetic procedures performed. But yet to the general public, it still remains largely misunderstood.The general public's perception of a facelift....based on TV shows and th...
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