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Rising Gold Prices
by natisha. Gold prices all over the world have been seeing a steep rise which is expected to continue. It is well known that the price of gold in the world market creates a global ripple effect and that any change in international prices affects domestic marke...
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Wedding and Engagement Rings
by Aadil Bandukwala. Demand for both gem and industrial diamonds is very strong. To fulfill this demand these days Synthetic diamonds are being produced in sufficient amount, this synthetically produced diamonds are being supplied for industrial uses, but these syntheti...
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What to Look Out for When Sending Jewelry for Repair
by Jaxon Toh. Be it due to normal wear and tear, or a small accident, our fine jewelry needs a repair job every now and then. And this is best done by the professionals. So how do you select a reliable jeweler and make sure they do a good job? Follow these recomm...
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Did You Have to Throw Away Your Favorite Jewelry?
by Jaxon Toh. Most jewelry pieces are very delicate and require special care. For example, pearls are especially fussy. Even commonly used products like perfume and body lotion can damage them. If you want to avoid the painful prospect of throwing away your favor...
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Engagement Ring Trends
by James Wattvord. The diamond engagement rings - a timeless expression of love and commitment. The classic styles available - solitaire and pave, for example - still are popular today, but there are emerging trends of which you, the potential buyer should be aware. N...
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The Magic of Diamond Rings
by Jonathan Blocker. What is it about diamond rings that so compel us? Is it the shine and lustre - that which jewelers refer to as "fire"? Is it the mystery and allure that you'll find in a white gold diamond ring? Or is it just good marketing?...
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The New Tradition of Mens Diamond Wedding Bands
by Jonathan Blocker. Men's diamond wedding bands are actually a recent concept; up until the 1950s, the majority of wedding couples in the Western world wore plain gold or silver bands (in some cases, bronze or even brass). DeBeer's diamond company was largely the drivi...
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Jewelry Storage Tips
by Jaxon Toh. Did you know that some jewelry boxes can actually do more harm than good? Are you storing your jewelry the right way? Improper storage may cause damage to your precious engagement rings, necklaces and other jewelry. To take care of your jewelry, her...
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Pearl Powder
by Editor-123. The beauty of the eternal pearls can not be measured in few words. These natural gems shine naturally and have more value than aesthetic. But do you know the power of pearls is not limited to adding glamour into your look and appearance. According t...
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Does Investing in a Turn Key Internet Business Makes Sense?
by search rankpros.Does Investing in a Turn Key Internet Business Makes Sense? by: search rankpros Yes, it ofcourse does. Turnkey online businesses are among the b
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Introduction to Conflict Diamonds
by Aadil Bandukwala. Although people love diamond, especially woman are a big fan of diamond jewellery. But there is a fact that Diamonds were used as a means of funding for several civil wars all over the world. South Africa and Russia are badly affected by this diamon...
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A Glossary for the Novice Gem Buyer
by Edward Bristol.A Glossary for the Novice Gem Buyer by: Edward Bristol Appraisal: 3rd party financial judgment about a stone or jewelry. To be distinguished fro
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Love and Diamond: True Symbol of Eternity
by Mark Thomas. Love is pure and it’s a symbol of eternity. It is a sweet feeling felt by two people. It builds a strong bonding when you respect your partner’s feelings. Love makes a day worth living, it gives love a colorful meaning. Loving someone ve...
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Settings for Alternative Diamonds
by Joseph Schubach.Settings for Alternative Diamonds by: Joseph Schubach Jewelry is an extension of your personal style. It can transform simple, basic outfits in
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Classic Engagement Ring
by Alex. If you would like to get engaged in a very classic fashion, surrounded by all your relatives and friends in a courtyard, you might consider buying an antique style engagement ring, which goes well with the theme and environment and would not cost mu...
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To Dropship or not to Dropship.
by Aaron Rome. People always ask whether I offer dropshipping of my wholesale silver jewelry. The simple answer is "NO!". But because there is so much interest in this topic I want to offer a bit of dialogue that I hope will be useful for thos...

Tips on Living a More Frugal Lifestyle
by Candy Osborne. Living in the United States today is not without its challenges, financially speaking. In an article dated March 9, 2008 Reuters reported that the average price for gas is $3.20 per gallon and it is intended to rise over the next month. Equally dist...
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Aquamarine - Safety at Sea
by Nigel Makin. The Aquamarine Gemstone is a variety of the mineral Beryl and is a beautiful pastel blue in colour. Aquamarine is the Birthstone for the month of March and is mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique Myanmar and Afghanistan; it is also available with...
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Amethyst - Tears of Beauty
by Nigel Makin. The Amethyst Gemstone is a semi-precious jewel of violet or purple colour that is available in many different shapes and sizes and is a common form of transparent crystallized Quartz.Amethyst is the Birthstone for the month of February and is mined ...
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Top Ten Jewelry Cleaning Tips
by Jaxon Toh. Fine jewelry can very easily become tarnished, dirty and dull. To keep your favorite pieces shiny, sparkling and new, proper jewelry care is the key. The wrong method of cleaning can also cause permanent damage to your jewelry! Please consider the f...
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Gold Jewellery Trend
by Aadil Bandukwala. The world is mad behind fashion, and Jewellery has an integral importance in fashion. Fashion conscious people always give more importance to the type and design of jewellery they are wearing. Be it a man or woman, Jewellery items are must in every ...
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Blue Diamond Jewelry
by lazysubmit.Blue Diamond Jewelry by: lazysubmit What is Blue Diamond Jewelry? Blue Diamond Jewelry is a stunning form of "fancy colored diamonds" that is re
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Mblife: for Your Custom Jewelry Needs
by Vikram Kumar. High fashion jewelry has always been associated with world-renowned designers like Tiffany, Cartier, and Faberge. Royalty, celebrities, and other famous people have commissioned their services to create special and exquisite jewelry seats for them f...

Buying Diamond Rings From Mblife
by Vikram Kumar. A diamond ring for your wedding will definitely give you the talk-of-the-town award. Not only are diamonds expensive, they have always been revered with great attributes such as beauty, elegance, and of course, eternal. It should therefore not be su...
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Mblife: Where to Get the Best of Colored Diamond Jewelry Sets
by Vikram Kumar. Admit it. When we say diamonds, what comes directly to our minds are the clear white expensive stones. Not everybody is aware that there is a wide range of colored diamonds-from pink ones to blue, green ones to yellow, and a whole lot more. Colored ...

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