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How to Buy Pearl Jewelry
by Peter Lee. Pearl is a gemstone. Most of the women like pearl jewelry due to it's simple and classic look. Today, pearls are much more widely available due to the practice of cultivating pearls.? There are different types of pearl jewelry present in the market...
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How to Buy Pearl Necklace
by Peter Lee. All over the world every women wants to look beautiful. Jewelry is one of the major parts for look beautiful for any kind of women and for this pearl play a vital role for making any kind of jewelry like pearl necklace etc. But before buying pearl j...
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Complete the Look With a Great Pair of Earrings
by Danny Wright. Don't you hate it when you have the perfect outfit put together, but there is still something lacking? Your hair looks great, your makeup is flawless, and you have a new pair of shoes that complements your clothes, but it isn't quite complete. Final...
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Proper Jewellery Handling and Cleaning Tips
by Aadil Bandukwala. Jewellery is always a symbol of beauty, women's charm, and wealth. Several Jewellery products are women's favorite since long. Women are always eager to add new products into their existing jewellery collection. They always feel proud in flaunting t...
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Pearl Bracelets
by Editor-123. So you're interested in a pearl bracelet. What do you need to know about these fabulous pieces of pearl jewelry? The following will explain the most common types of pearl bracelets on the market today and their particular features.Freshwater Pearl B...
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Pearl Earrings
by Editor-123. Pearl earrings are perhaps on of the most sought pieces when it comes to pearl jewelry. These types of jewelry are furthermore extremely attractive due to their diversity. Pearl earrings can be worn promoting elegance with a dress or simply worn ca...
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What You Need to Know About Loose Diamonds
by Jonathan Blocker. Diamonds that have not been placed in a setting are referred to as loose diamonds, and are generally sought after by investors and professional retail jewelers. Any purchase of loose diamonds should be accompanied by a certificate of appraisal and v...
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A Close Look at the Use of Wedding Rings and Bands
by Ron Poul. Wedding rings and bands are similar to engagement rings in that wedding rings and bands are used to symbolize the undying love of the giver for the recipient. For some countries and cultures, it is normal to wear wedding rings and bands on the left ...
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Why We Use Engagement Rings These Days
by Ron Poul. Engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of either hand, depending on which country the bride-to-be is to be wed. For instance, in Poland, the woman will wear her engagement ring on her right hand's ring finger while in the West women will wear ...
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The Value of Great Diamond Studs
by Ron Poul. When people talk about Diamond Studs, what they are probably referring to are Diamond Stud Earrings. These are earrings which happen to use a diamond or diamonds in the design setting. The base material of the Diamond Studs could be a precious metal...
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What on Earth are Diamond Fashion Rings?
by Ron Poul. Diamond Fashion Rings are one type of fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry are those jewelry that people wear partly for fashion or styling purposes, and partly for functional purposes; or maybe just for fashion and styling purposes alone. Thus,? you mi...
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How Much Should Diamond Earrings Cost?
by Ron Poul. The cost of Diamond Earrings is dependent, first of all, on the value of the diamonds used for the Diamond Earrings. This means the diamonds should have great color, clarity that indicates how pure the diamond is, a satisfactory carat weight (which ...
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Why Choose Emerald Cut Diamonds?
by Jonathan Blocker. Loose diamonds come in a wide variety of cuts, both rounded and rectangular; emerald cut diamonds are an example of the latter.Round Brilliant or Step?Loose diamonds for sale may be cut in a rou...
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Key Elements When Purchasing Gold Pendants
by Kostello.Key Elements When Purchasing Gold Pendants by: Kostello Gold pendants have been popular and trendy since the ancient civilizations such as the R
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Freshwater Pearls
by Editor-123. Freshwater pearls are no doubt the most desired and lovely jewelry pieces that will make you look simply awesome and beautiful like a Greek goddess. These illusion pearls have been cultivated, cultured, or found in freshwater, making them really rar...
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Wedding Rings-the Symbol of Love
by Mishel Smith. Now that you have decided to tie the knot, the most important question is the kind of wedding ring that will symbolize the marital status of the couple. Wedding rings have always been a symbol of everlasting love between the couple. It’s stran...
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How to Clean Diamond Jewelry in 4 Quick Steps
by Nikki. Many people often ask how to clean their diamond jewelry so that it is brilliant and full of fire. Diamonds attract grease and dirt like a magnet. Lotions, creams, hairspray, makeup and perfume form a film over your diamonds over time and make them ...
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The History of Diamond Jewelry
by Jonathan Blocker. Diamond jewelry has been valued and worn throughout most of recorded history, although the art and science of cutting loose diamonds is relatively new - and diamond jewelry has only been available to the general public for the last 150 years or so.P...
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Casio Baby-g and Other Models Grab the Limelight
by Keith Driscoll. Features of the new Casio Baby-G are the 48 cities world-time, EL automatic backlight. Some of them are aimed at women based on size or colour scheme, but many Baby-G's are unisex models as long as your wrist isn't too big. Casio watches are relia...
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Alternative Metals Used as a Wedding Band
by Sam Brown. With historic highs in precious metals effecting the price of fine jewelry, particularly gold and platinum, many jewelry stores are seeing a greater demand for alternative metals such as titanium and tungsten rings. The market for men's wedding ban...
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How to Sell Gold Jewelry - Weighing & Measuring
by Michael Gusky. The unit of measure used to value precious metals is a "troy ounce". Every troy ounce of pure gold, platinum or silver can be "diluted" or "alloyed" with other metals to make jewelry. In the United States, gold jewelry is usually alloyed in 10 karat...
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Glittering Party Indian Jewelry for the Glamorous Look
by Utsav Sarees.Glittering Party Indian Jewelry for the Glamorous Look by: Utsav Sarees During the era of Indus Valley Civilization, women and men both had worn
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Engagement Ring-wedding Ring Buying Guide
by Alex S Smith. Buying diamond rings was never too easy. Especially, when you plan to purchase diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding ring, the task becomes tougher. Because, you are not purchasing another diamond ring for you, in-fact you are going to choose a...
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Earring Display Features to Consider While Purchasing Them
by Nycdisplay.com. Earring displays can be as original as the jewelry they exhibit. If you're deciding what kind you want, take some time to consider the rest of your jewelry display, and the style and amount of earrings you have.Earring Display Features to Consider- ...
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Choosing Pearl Earrings
by Editor-123. In this fashion changing world, fashions changes frequently within almost every season, pearl earrings is something you can rely on as they can never look dull and maintain their irresistible shine and glamour on its wearers....
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