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Planning Colors for Your Wedding
Topic : Choosing Wedding Colors & Colors for a Wedding
by Chris Robertson.Dreaming about your wedding is one thing; planning it is another. From wedding dresses to cakes and tuxedos to flowers - every aspect of your wedding must be carefully planned to "fall in place" on the big day! If you've been to one wedding or severa...
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Wedding Dress Sizes And Ideas
Topic : Wedding Dress Designers & Wedding Dress Design
by Victor Epand.Firstly, there are different weights of satin. Go for something nice and lightweight. The simpler cuts do tend to be made from lighter fabrics to add to the simplicity, they also hang better without looking too stiff.
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Wedding Makeup that Lasts
Topic : Wedding Makeup Tips & Wedding Hair and Makeup
by Sally Lopez.On your big day, you want your wedding makeup to last. Not only that, but you want to look stunning in your photographs. In order to insure that your makeup will last as long as possible, it may be best to hire a professional to take care of it. Howe...
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Why Hire a Makeup Artist for your Wedding
Topic : Professional Makeup Artist & Professional Makeup Artists
by Sally Lopez.Your wedding day is coming up and you are wondering if you should hire a makeup artist. You’ve found your dream dress and all the shoes and accessories that go with it. You spent months planning your bridesmaids’ outfits and all the details conce...
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Tuxedo And Wedding Dress Ideas
Topic : Wedding Dress Ideas & Formal Wear Tuxedo
by Victor Epand.A traditional black tuxedo would be perfectly appropriate. I would recommend a single breasted jacket at the suit length (no coattails). Because it is an afternoon wedding, I would recommend a vest and tie rather than a bowtie and cummerbund or ascot...
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Prenuptial Agreements: Protect Your Family Business
by hannibal_whitestone.Imagine this scenario. You have worked very hard to build up a small business for yourself. You are your own boss and your business is running quite successfully. The only thing missing from your life is someone to share it with. You finally meet...
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Here Comes The (Skinny) Bride
by Pick_Up_The_Pace.Spring or early summer is the most popular time for weddings. But no matter when you're planning your wedding, the stress can be overwhelming! The average cost of a wedding in the United States is over $22,000. About $7,630 of that is spent on the we...

How To Choose Just The Right Lingerie For Your Wedding
by teahupoo.Bridal lingerie is something that is often overlooked or not thought about when planning a wedding but is just as important a consideration as the actual wedding dress. What's the point in spending several hundred or even a couple of thousand on a we...
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Choosing Give Away Gifts for Your Wedding
by lynter.Weddings are very special events, they happen once in a lifetime, and there is no better way to be remembered that to give your guests wedding favors. People enjoy taking home with them a part of the most important day of your life; it is a way for t...
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Gifts For Your Guests at Your Wedding
by lynter.Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Naturally you want to share it with people who are closest to you. Friends and family are chosen to be in the bridal party as bridesmaids, flower girl, best man and ushers are all the people you lo...
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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
by EPerceptions.Your bridesmaids are special people - friends and family members - who you have individually chosen to stand beside you as you begin an exciting new chapter in your life. These individuals have always been there to lend a helping hand, a listening e...
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Tips when Buying Wedding Gifts
by hunter.A wedding celebration is one of the finest celebrations that any one can experience. If you're invited to a wedding you'll want to arrive with a wedding gift that is sure to bring a smile to the face of the bride and groom.There are many types of we...
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Top Five Must Activities Before the Wedding
by Synapse India. Wedding is a lifetime celebration. Both the man and the woman have to make a series of arrangements to ensure its success. As the old saying goes, a strong foundation can make the most beautiful building; marriage symbolizes the sanctity of the rela...
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What to Do for a Hen Night?
by Synapse India. On traditional notes, it is the duty of the maid of honor or chief bridesmaid to plan out an enjoying hen night or hen weekend for the promising bride. Since, the world is facing severe changes, bride along with the maid of honor work together to de...
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Stag Weekend Activities
by Synapse India. Stag weekends and stag parties in UK are becoming absolutely popular across the Europe and the entire world. The time offers everything that will make a cherishable time for a man to take him to...
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Five Fantastic Hen Weekend Ideas
by Jenwa. Number 1London Hen Weekend with CheerleadingThere is nothing better than exploring London on a hen weekend and throw in cheerleading and you are truly in for a treat. If like
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A Wedding Theme Centered Around Golf
by George Crystal. Many athletic couples who plan their wedding want to have something unique and something that centers on what they like for a sport. The game of golf is no different. Planning a wedding centered on golf can be fun, especially if the party is small a...
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Fitness Strategies to Look Your Bridal Best
by Zach Hunt. Is Your Wedding Day Around The Corner ? Then I Have A Few Quick Questions That Will Whip Your Body Into Shape.Do you have any idea what your body is going to look like 1, 2, or 3 months from now?Or how about 6 months from now on your Wedding day?....
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A Luxurious Pink Limousine on your Marriage Ceremony
by Limo Brokers. A limousine is definitely a boon for stag nights, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, honeymoon, hen nights, anniversary parties, rain parties, kids' parties or a corporate event, or for any other function or event. The smooth ride, extravagant in...
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Are You Ready For Marriage?
by Ron Zvagelsky. One of most important decisions you make in life is who you will marry and when you are ready for marriage. From the time women are young, most dream of a perfect wedding.Many young girls, and even grown women, become obsessed with the fancy wedding...
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Choosing Your Transportation For Your Wedding Day
by George Meszaros. Arranging for your wedding transportation, how many cars you need, what type, and when you need it can be difficult. Regardless of your preferences or budget transportation is an important part of your wedding planning process. There are many option...
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Planning A Wedding In The Hurricane Season
by Michael Brito. The summer months are some of the most popular times of the year for weddings with so many couples now looking at tropical destinations to hold their event. Aruba, the Bahamas, and Florida are favored wedding spots, with the latter two being among t...
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Planning a Hen Party; Book a Boogie Bus
by Laura Davis.Planning a Hen Party; Book a Boogie Bus by: Laura Davis Hen nights are becoming as notorious and as common as the male equivalent 'the stag doo'
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A Limousine For Your Wedding Day
by Dror Klar. Whether it is a special day for two or a large party of people, the limousine is the right vehicle for you. Special occasions are made even more memorial when the transportation used is a limousine. No matter that you have carefully thought out ever...
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Men and Wedding Plans
by Scott Jarvis.Men and Wedding Plans by: Scott Jarvis Being a man I had always imagined that if and when I got engaged to be married I would have little to wor
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