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Find your Designer Watch Wrist Here!
by Ahmed Tariq Taimoor. Hey, you need not own a fortune to grab a great Designer watch wrist for yourself! The market is flooding with a huge collection of some of the best watches, designer's wrist watches, specially crafted designer watches for the modern man and more......
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All About Mens Jewelry - Jewelry for Men Often Serves a Purpose
by Daniel Jowssey. The marketing niche for men's jewelry has been fairly small and it only achieved a small boost when it got the name 'Bling' form the Hip Hop scene, but that is still just a minimal addition. It may never compare to the size of the female jewelry ma...
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Where is the Best Place to Find Diamonds for Sale?
by Jonathan Blocker. People who are seeking diamonds for sale, whether as an investment, for use in crafted jewelry or both, will find no shortage of online sources; entering the term in any search engine will return nearly a quarter million results. But where is the be...
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Gold Bracelet Charms Information
by Kozsun Huseyin.Gold Bracelet Charms Information by: Kozsun Huseyin Gold has always fascinated mankind. The ability to shape gold, has made it one which has for
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Bracelet Size Guide
by Elena. Well, there are two things for you to keep in mind choosing a bracelet size. The bracelet should be long enough to be clasped and short enough for not to easily slip down from your hand. So the bracelet will fit comfortably and you won't lose it. Ev...
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Silver Jewellery Collection at Rivazge
by Alex S Smith. Rivazge.com is an online jewellery store, famous for its excellent Diamond Jewellery collection. We are specialized in making Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings. But, Rivazge.com is not only engaged in making high priced jewellery. In fact, ...
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Diamond Bracelets Change Personalities
by Jewish Talyor. Owning diamond jewelry has always been at the back of many women's mind, but owning diamond bracelets has a way of changing some women's personality. Women love the feel of smooth metals like 14-karat gold against their wrist, and the subtle brilli...
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Get Started With your Gold Investments
by CoinsBullions. Gold investments are the best way to consolidate your investments as they are well known for fixed market value that does not depreciates in a volatile way in comparison to stocks. Incase you are looking for investment opportunities; make sure you g...
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Simulated Diamonds, a Smart Girls Best Friend!
by Www.myrussianstars.com. As Kate Hudson says, 'Frost Yourself' in the movie how to loose a guy in Ten days, Women love diamonds.......women love to be frosted and the best, most affordable way is through simulated diamonds. Simulated diamonds are not composed of the same ...
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The Purpose of Personalized Jewelry
by Jon. We now live in a society where it is good to be different. People want to be individualistic, and different from other people. It has gotten to the point where it has become a great tragedy when a girl sees another girl in the same prom dress at the...
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Rings - Types and Uses of Rings
by Alex S Smith. Rings are always a popular jewellery product among people. Gold Ring, Silver Ring, Diamond Ring, and Platinum Rings are always people's favourite, depending upon the situation and individual budget. Jewellers have always been trying to produce more ...
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Evolution of Mannequins from Dressmaker to Shop Displays
by Nycdisplay.com. Mannequins have been around for thousands of years but their use in store display is more recent. Kings and Queens who were concerned about their appearance, like the ancient pharaohs, would have a dress form made to their body dimensions. The court...
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Guide to the Ultimate Engagement Ring
by Amy Huston. Guide to Engagement RingsCongratulations! The wedding ring is the single most important piece of jewelry that you will give to your spouse in your lifetime. The ring symbolizes your everlasting love an...
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Fresh Water Pearls & Mother of Pearl Jewelry
by amanwani.Fresh Water Pearls & Mother of Pearl Jewelry by: amanwani As freshwater pearls are solid nacre, they are also quite long-lasting, resisting chip
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Every Month Has a Special Gemstone
by amanwani.Every Month Has a Special Gemstone by: amanwani Wearing your appropriate birth stone will always give you luck and prosperity. We are Wholesaler
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The Growing Popularity of Oval Diamonds
by Jonathan Blocker. Oval diamonds represent the earliest of modern diamond cuts. Before oval cuts, loose diamonds that were used for jewelry were hard, shiny and lustrous, but had little in the way of fire or brilliance. In fact, if you've seen paintings of diamonds fr...
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Earring, Beautiful Jewellery
by gerald. An earring is a piece of jewellery that is worn on the ear. They are worn by both sexes, although until recently in western cultures, they were more typically worn by women.Earrings can be made of different materials and have diamonds or any other g...
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The Origin of Diamonds and the World Locations
by gerald. We know today, that the diamond is generated naturally deep inside the earth under extreme pressure at temperatures above 1,000 degrees celsius. Such conditions only exist hundreds of kilometer deep in the interior of the earth.Diamonds are differen...
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Wedding and Jewellery
by Alex S Smith. The tradition of wearing jewellery is as old as human civilization. Several jewellery items of ancients age found during excavation of heritage places are placed for display in museums world wide. Earlier people used to wear jewellery made of wood, ...
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The Benefits of Princess Cut Diamonds
by Jonathan Blocker. The art and science of diamond cutting dates back to the mid 1500s, and princess cut diamonds represent the latest and one of the trendiest available. Part of the appeal of princess cut diamonds is the rectangular shape that manages to retain the sp...
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Diamond Engagement Rings Throughout History
by Jonathan Blocker. The scenario is played out thousands of times a day throughout the world; young men present diamond engagement rings to the ladies they desire to marry. This tradition, which dates back centuries in one form or another, has many variations. Nonethel...
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The Story of Colored Diamonds
by Jonathan Blocker. When they think of diamonds, colored diamonds aren't usually what comes to people's minds. The fact is however that fancy colored diamonds are not unusual; they come in almost every shade and hue imaginable, and in many cases, are more valuable than...
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Sterling Silver and More Comfortable Fan Pendant
by m.jeya. The fan pendant a fleshy with pendant strings bearing fleshy leaves shaped like tiny bananas. Likes sun to part shade and let dry between watering. The Fan pendant is finely etched stainless steel on a delicate silver chain. The design is inspired b...
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Taking Care While Adorning your Body With Jewelry
by stephen laing. Gone are the days when people thought that only gold and silver can be used in making jewelry. Today, what is fashion is what sells. So, this holds true no more. We have different types of imitation jewelry available today that are made out of cheap...
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The History of Diamonds and Their Use in Diamond Jewellery
by Daniel Jones. When it comes to history, diamonds have a very long and fascinating record as one of the most intriguing gemstones on the planet. You may be familiar with the term, 'Diamonds are Forever', made popular by the De Beers advertising campaigns and for g...
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