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Funeral Pre Planning
Funeral Planning Checklist [1k-10k]
Topic : Funeral Pre Planning & Funeral Planning Checklist
by RW Ward.It doesn’t have to cost a dime to create a complete final arrangements plan and it can be done without all the emotional stress, but rather in a logical, cost effective yet dignified manner for all concerned.
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Ladies, show off your Hair with cute Hair accessories!
Topic : Hair Accessories : How to style your Hair
by Mike Yeager.Hair accessories offer an easy way of showing off your hair. Choose from a host of hair clips, scrunches, trendy scarves, bandanas and what have you. A well-chosen and well-coordinated hair accessory...
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10 Free Romantic Gifts
Topic : Romantic Gift & Romantic Gifts : Romantic Gift Ideas
by Anusuya Veth.Being in love does not mean that you should turn overnight to be an extravagant spender. Love is beautiful when it is simple and true. If you are running out of cash and yet your heart is full of lo...
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The Power In A Gathering Of Women
Topic : Women Gathering & Power of Gathering
by Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE.Forget "fight or flight" as the only duo of responses in the face of stress. For women, there's a third response: "befriend". A landmark UCLA study turned five decades of stress research on its head...
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Swimwear That Youll Feel Comfortable In
Topic : Swimwear & Swim Wear
by Mike Yeager.Finding the right swimwear can be a fun and also a stressful experience. You want to look your best in the swimwear of your choice at the beach. Light, colorful beach clothing will make you feel comf...
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A Beautiful Heaven Scent Enhances a Womans Attractiveness
Topic : Heaven Scent & Heavenly Scent : Scent of a Women
by Mike Yeager.A fragrant heaven scent can be one of the most appealing features of a woman. Hairstyle, clothes and makeup are all important, but the fragrance and beauty of a heaven scent a woman wears provides a ...
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Anniversary Gifts and Perfumes
Topic : Anniversary Gifts & Anniversary Gift : Perfumes Gifts
by Mike Yeager.How many times has your anniversary come around and you quickly rush out to buy something, anything from a myriad of anniversary gifts and perfumes available. Everyone has probably been there, waitin...
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Finding a Great Cologne For Men
Topic : Cologne Perfume : Mens Cologne & Cologne for Men
by Mike Yeager.A bold, strong, masculine scent can be one of the most appealing traits about a man. Cologne for men is a great gift for him and has come a long way over the past several decades. In historical times...
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After Shaving a Man Needs The Scent Of Aftershave
Topic : Men Aftershave : Aftershave for Men & Men After Shave
by Mike Yeager.Most man shave at least a few times a week because they enjoy a smooth, clean look. However, there is one by product of shaving, it leaves the surface of a man's skin sensitive and vulnerable. The po...
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Death By Workers Compensation
Topic : Worker Compensation & Workers Compensation
by D.A. Hougaard.Excerpt of Death By Workers' Compensation "The Bleeding Rose" In this Excerpt the time that has lapsed is over an hour after the accident. What you are about to read will sicken you and make you won...
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ThinkExist.com revisits Carson McCullers
by Mark A. Lugris.MADRID – Sixty-four years after it was originally published, Carson McCullers’ first novel “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” is still a literary phenomenon. Holding the twenty-second position on The New...

Cant Take a Compliment?
Topic : Compliment
by Helen Ksypka.“Putting ourselves down, is an insult to our worth.” --Helen Ksypka Have you ever noticed how women dodge compliments as if they’re bullets? You look terrific. Oh, please; I’m a mess. That’s a b...

What Men Want From Women
Topic : What do Men want from Women : What Men Want From Women
by Bob Grant.Actually, it’s pretty simple. Deep inside the heart of every man is a secret wish to be trusted. How many times have men said to their wives, “If you would just trust me.” Many men wonder why it seem...
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Why are we Addicted to Criminal Trials?
Topic : Criminal Trials & Criminal Trial : Addicted
by Marti Talbott.It’s a horrible thing when a criminal case comes to our attention. First we are appalled, then curious and then … addicted. Take the Scott Peterson trial for example. The press jumped on ...
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A Servants Heart
Topic : Servant Heart & Servants Hearts
by Alyice Edrich.Do you have a servant’s heart? Has God blessed you with the insight to see the needs of others and reach out in compassion and understanding even when they, themselves, cannot reach out and ask for ...
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9 Easy Steps To A Pedicure
Topic : Manicure and Pedicure : How to do Pedicure
by Kenia Morales.Before putting on those sexy, comfortable open toe shoes make sure your feet skin is in good condition. With these easy nine steps you too will have silky feet. So go ahead get ready to do your own p...
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The Joys of Being Healthy
Topic : Being Healthy : Health & Well Being
by Kay Kopit.It is amazing to be able to say I am a whole, happy, healthy, loving woman. I was sick for the first 40 years of my life. Like millions of other human beings I grew up immersed in the family disease...
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Yoga for Every BODY
Topic : Yoga : Yoga for Every Body & Yoga for everybody
by Jenny Ward.We all want to feel loved, open, free and peaceful. We all desire to let go of the ideals and expectations of the “world” and be simply still. What if you had permission to be anything your heart w...
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Syndrome X - What Is It And Have You Got It?
by Kay Blackiston.Syndrome X or the X factor as it is sometimes known was first described in 1988 by Professor Gerald Reaven , an endocrinologist at California’s Stanford University after twenty years of study. Since ...
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Women and Colon Cleansing, Women and Colonic Health
Topic : Women Colon : Colon Cleansing & Colonic Health
by Nadia Alterio.90% of all sickness and disease begins inside an unclean colon. Toxins and waste build up in your colon just like they do in the pipes of your home. Both demand immediate attention or the results ca...
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Choosing Gifts For Guys!
Topic : Gift for Guy & Gift for Men : Gift Ideas for Men & Gift Idea for Men
by Mike Yeager.Gifts for guys. What is the right gift for that man in your life? That can be a real dilemma for a woman. After all, what is it that a man wants? What gift would be right for him? In some way's findi...
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Finding a great Cologne for Men so they smell great!
Topic : Cologne & Cologne for Guys
by Mike Yeager.A bold, strong, masculine scent can be one of the most appealing traits about a man. Cologne for men is a great gift for him and has come a long way over the past several decades. In historical times...
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Discount Perfumes
Topic : Frangrance & Frangrances : Disount Perfume & Romantic Gifts
by Mike Yeager.All throughout history cologne has played an important role. Throughout many different countries in the world the use of fragrance is widespread. The modern cologne that you buy today can provide a r...
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Quality Cologne, Perfume And Fragrances To Enhance Your Sex Appeal
Topic : Romantic Scents for the Bedroom
by Mike Yeager.Cleopatra was said to have used the scent of lavender to seduce both Marc Antony and Julius Caesar. A perfume is like gathering an armful of luscious rose pedals at the height of their bloom. The lovely scent, the heavenly fragrance and sensation you...
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Sexy High Heels For Women!
Topic : High Heel Shoes for Women : Women High Heel Shoes
by Mike Yeager.Wearing high heels is a way for a woman to accentuate her image and style. While there are different designs and fashions for high heels: from soft and classy to wild and bold, most women agree that ...
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