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Handicraft Findings of the Past, Enjoy Attention Today
by Paul Shane. As time progressed, the jewellery industry has witnessed the innovation and usage of different kinds of materials in making fashionable and trendy jewellery from time to time. Such materials have defined trends and times, and sometimes even a whole ...
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Seed Beads - Join Them, Mix Them, Flaunt Them
by Paul Shane. When we talk about jewellery, especially junk jewellery, we cannot help but think about beads. Beads, in their various hues and colours have been used innumerable times, not just in our jewellery, but also in the dresses we wear, the bags and other ...
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Diamond Engagement Ring
by gerald. The establishment of diamond rings as engagement rings as a standard in Western culture is a result of one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history, by one of the world's leading diamond producer in the 1940s.An engagement is incomple...
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Piercing Care
by Liopased Ioaspa. In order to prevent an inflammation, your fresh piercing demands for constant ongoing care. During at least two weeks, twice a day minimum, you will have to clean your wound with special liquid disinfectant, up to complete healing will be achieved. ...
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Going Glamorous With Swarovski Computer Accessories
by Clint Jhonson. There are several computer companies that are trying hard in order to satisfy their feminine customers; therefore, new accessories were developed in order to break almost every girl's heart. The two sisters jewelry box is likely to be forgotten in f...
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Fake Swarovski Crystals
by Clint Jhonson. These crystals were given a perfectly precise cut in 1892; the machine that was used in order to give these perfect cuts was invented by Daniel Swarovski thus leading to the present crystals that are the most sought ones when it comes to almost ever...
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Buying Man Made Diamonds
by Roberto Sedycias. Jewelries (joias) are an important addition to the attire and a wonderful complement to the over-all beauty of a person. They are not just mere objects worn to embellish the looks of a person; rather, they contribute substantially to the completenes...
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Designing your Own Engagement Ring - Pave Settings
by Dustin Erickson.Designing your Own Engagement Ring - Pave Settings by: Dustin Erickson When you set out to design your own engagement ring, you should take the
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Can Diamonds Really be Colorful?
by Ian Maher. Even if you have never been shopping for diamond jewelry, you have probably heard about the four Cs used to classify diamonds-clarity, cut, carat and color. These collective metrics are used throughout the world to determine the value of individual ...
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White Gold in Jewelry
by Ian Maher. White gold is a wildly popular metal for use in all sorts of jewelry, and makes a stylish choice for wedding rings, engagement rings and eternity rings. Yet, if you have ever seen a solid gold bar, you probably noticed that pure gold has a ...
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Make your Dream Jewellery With Ex-beading Accessories
by Paul Shane. Our love of jewellery has not only been restricted to wearing them, but also making them. Ideally, jewellery are made and manufactured by professional jewellery makers like goldsmith etc. But now you can make your own trinkets at home with ease. Mak...
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Designing and Wearing Jewellery
by Paul Shane. Seasons change. Fashion changes. So does the styles and accessories. But one thing has always remain constant - our love for jewellery. Come fall, come spring, the styles and trends of jewellery may have changed. Various elements or materials have r...
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Tips on Selecting Bridal Jewellery
by michel. The word 'jewelry' is derived from the French word 'jouel' which was earlier made from natural materials like shells, animal teeth, wood, stone, bones of animals etc. In ancient past different types of jewelries was worn for different purpose. Diffe...
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Glow Like Pearls - With Pearl Jewellery
by Paul Shane. Probably some of the most loved and therefore the most popular gemstones, pearls have been the desired and cherished possession of many a female heart. Pearls are extensively used in jewellery and, apart from that, they are also used in different ot...
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Engagement Rings and Passion
by gerald. For diamond engagement rings, passion and intrigue are inseparable, and it is probably the same for every diamond ring. Why else would a reasonable man give his lover an expensive diamond engagement ring? The answer is simple though - Men give diamo...
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Crystal - your Shortcut to the Stars
by Paul Shane. There is something very mysterious about crystals. And, therefore, as soon as you don them, they lend a very enigmatic touch to your whole persona. Even if it is just one small little crystal, it can work wonders for you. No, this is no future predi...
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Fashionable Celtic Jewelry
by michel. For fashion lovers, just wearing the latest clothing, shoes, and accessories is not enough. Over two thousand years ago, the Celtic people adorned themselves with handcrafted jewelry made from precious metals and stones. Today, people's desire for f...
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Show your True Colours With Beads
by Paul Shane. If you have heard the saying "you are what you wear" then beads would certainly tell how fantastical, romantic, fun loving, adaptable and versatile person you are. Beads are a great way to add zing and spice to your look and style. You can create yo...
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Sterling Silver Designer Cufflinks: Its Piracy
by Patrick McMurray.Sterling Silver Designer Cufflinks: It's Piracy by: Patrick McMurray Skull and Cross Bones, the symbol of piracy on the high seas: this one--a r
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Freshwater Pearl Earring
by charisestillson. Are you on the lookout for a freshwater pearl earring set? Freshwater pearls can come in many shapes and sizes. Earrings can be made with pearls alone or with pearls and other precious gems as well. You can also save significantly when buying your f...
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Cultured Pearls
by charisestillson. There are some gorgeous cultured pearls sets of jewellery available. This can be a great gift for someone else or for yourself. Learning a little bit about pearls before you buy them can help you get the best value for your money. Selection of pearl...
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Cultured Pearl Bracelet
by charisestillson. A cultured pearl bracelet is a lovely gift to give or receive. There are Pearls are a prized possession and many women pass them down from generation to generation. In many cultures, a woman will wear a family heirloom pearl single or double strand ...
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Black Pearls
by charisestillson. Black pearls can be very exotic and luxurious looking. They aren't as typical as a white pearl but can look very glamorous. These can be very sought after as they're rarer than your average white pearl. All pearls can range from very inexpensive to ...
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Black Pearl Earring
by charisestillson. If you're looking for a black pearl earring set, there are some great places to get them. Looking online for black pearls will reveal a lot of search results. How do you know where to get your pearls? You want fair pricing and you want decent qualit...
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Akoya Pearl Necklace
by charisestillson. If you are in the market for an Akoya pearl necklace, learning a little bit about pearls can be very useful in ensuring you get exactly what you want. Akoya pearls are originally from Japan and were the first saltwater pearls to be cultured in the e...
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