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Divorce Advice For Men - 9 Tips You Need to Know
Divorce Advice For Men [1k-10k]
Topic : Divorce Advice For Men
by Markthompson.Read this Marriage advice from a divorced man. 9 Tips every men must know about divorce. Marriages are sassy, divorces are messy. They are best avoided, especially if you have kids. However, if there is absolutely no chance of saving your marriage an...
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How to Fix a Broken Marriage
How To Fix A Broken Marriage [1k-10k]
by Karl Augustine.Fixing a marriage problem or worst a broken marriage can be agonizing especially if you are trying to do all you can to make your marriage work. It can be a hurtful time if you don't take a step back and look at your marriage problem from a 'helicopt...
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Child Custody, The Painful Truth
by S. A. Baker.What are you to do then when faced with child custody issues? If you are in this situation, you will need to find qualified child custody attorneys to help you. And, you will also want to find a good amount of research about what child custody proces...
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Child Custody Evaluation
by Jean Mahserjian.A child custody evaluation can be ordered by a court if you are involved in a custody dispute with your spouse.  The custody evaluation can be required in an initial custody case or in a subsequent case if one of the parents requests that the is...
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Who Decides Interstate Custody Disputes
by Jean Mahserjian.We live in an increasingly more and more mobile society and a society with a divorce rate that exceeds 50%.  As a result, there are more and more custody disputes, and they have more frequently become interstate custody disputes.  The first...
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Child Custody and the Right to Move Away
by Donald P. Schweitzer.Presumptive Right to MoveIn our increasingly mobile society, custodial parent’s frequently desire to move out of state or to a different part of the state with the children, leaving the non-custodial parent far behind. Such moves are usually based ...
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Overview Child Custody Arrangements
by Dev Grunt.Custody Types1. Legal Custody grants a guardian the right to make long-standing decisions about the future of a child, and key aspects of the child's wellbeing - including education, medical care, dental care, and religious instruction. In most of th...
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Grandparents’ Rights for Custody in Pennsylvania
by Greg Artim.In Pennsylvania, Grandparents have the opportunity to seek custody of a Grandchild under limited circumstances. The Pennsylvania Statute enunciated at 23 Pa.C.S.A. ? 5313, sets forth the circumstances under which a Grandparent may petition for Custod...
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Custody Disputes Produce Few Winners
by David M. Siegel.Undergoing a custody battle should be an act of last resort. The end result usually produces two losers and no winners. It should only be attempted if children are being subject to physical or psychological danger. If your child is being exposed t...
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Child Custody Cases & What To Expect
by Andrew Daigle.As divorce rates continue to rise, more and more children are growing up in a single parent household. Despite the fact that a divorce legally separates the parents from one another, it is important that both remain active in their child's life. Be...
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How TO Save Your Marriage - Things TO Try
by Allisonthompson.More than 40% of all marriages in America will end in the couple divorcing. If you are likely to become one of these, you may be interested to learn that there are things which you can do in order to help salvage yours. Therefore it is important th...
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Austin Divorce-The Basics
by Ericm.willie.To file a for a divorce in Austin, TX, your lawyer will first file a Petition for Divorce. This is the first step to getting on the Court's docket and your petition will set forth the reasons for your divorce. Your petition has to show evidence for t...
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Ways To Save A Marriage While Keeping Away Divorce
by Dougtaylor.When you take a look at marriage and divorce statistics, the results could be bad enough to make those with a ring on their left hand to look for ways to save a marriage just as quick as they can.Why the sudden rush to find ways to repair a marriage ...
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Divorce Reasons
by Karl Augustine.According to the Center for DiseaseControl's National Vital StatisticsReport of 2002, 50% of first marriagesended in divorce and 60% ofremarriages end in divorce. But, theCenter for Disease Control also foundthat 96% of Americans express apersonal de...
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Marriage, Divorce, and Kids
by Mark Brandenburg Ma, Cpcc.It’s been said that one of the problems thatmarried couples have today is that men tend tochoose their wives the same way they choose theircars or trucks.They get the best one available and hope thatthere’s not much maintenance down the road.Whil...
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Getting Divorce Advice From the Right Source
by Karl Augustine.Getting the right type of divorceadvice depends on what type of divorceadvice you want and what you want touse it for. When looking for adviceabout divorce, it is smart to clearlydefine what you are seeking the advicefor so you can be sure to look in...
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How to Deal with No Intimacy in Marriage
by Karl Augustine.Being stuck in a marriage with no intimacy can have you feeling a wide range of feelings from loneliness, listlessness, confusion, unconfident. They can be overcome if you just figure out why you're in such a situation.
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How to Fix a Marriage After an Affair
by Karl Augustine.Having to deal with an extramarital affair can be a life-changing event, regardless of whether you stay married or not. Inescapable feelings can come over both people that will never be forgotten by either of them.
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To Get a Divorce Or Stay Married
by Karl Augustine.Along with any tough decision comes reluctance, especially when that decision involves an actual process and might potentially involve emotional pain or anguish. Deciding whether or not to get a divorce or stay married can be a frightening time for m...
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Helping Children to Cope with Divorce
by Shanö.If you are a responsible parent facing the minefield of divorce, a prime concern will be helping your child cope with the process. If, on the other hand you are a parent who believes that old chestnut, "My child isn't bothered” or "kids take things...
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Making A Decision About Divorce
by Karl Augustine.When making a divorce decision, there are quite a few things that you should consider. Too often people find themselves unable to clearly identify what they need to think about when making a divorce decision which leads to further indecision and frus...
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Ensure Surviving Divorce
by Karl Augustine.Surviving divorce can be a valid fear if you're contemplating getting a divorce. In order to ensure surviving divorce, you should first understand that your divorce decision shouldn't be taken lightly. Ensuring that you'll be surviving divorce can be...
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What Parents Should Do For Children After divorce
by Ruben Francia.Why do some children still do best after divorce and separation? Is there divorce parenting approaches that really work? Read and learn the divorce parenting approaches that really work.Going through the process of divorce is a challenging life trans...
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Resolve Divorce Parenting Differences
by Ruben Francia.Did you know that inconsistency on matters of discipline gives double messages, produces anxiety and can be very confusing to your children? Children need to know where they stand in their behaviors. It is therefore critical for parents to resolve th...
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How to Stop Divorce Parental Conflict from Bursting?
by Ruben Francia.It is not the divorce but the conflict arising after divorce the culprit of most psychological-adjustment problems the children are having. So, how to stop the post-divorce parental conflict from bursting must be given a premium importance by parents...
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