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Narcissists And Women
Topic : Narcissist & Narcissists : Narcissism
by Sam Vaknin.Question: Do narcissists hate women? Answer: Narcissists abhor and dread getting emotionally intimate and they regard sex as a maintenance chore, something they have to do in order to keep their sour...
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Womens Guide To Having Fun And Looking Great For The Holidays
by Kenia Morales.Family reunions, parties, great food, gift exchanges are all some of the characteristics that make the holiday season so special. So, why not look your best while you are at it. Here are some tips ...
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Five Tips to Calm Cranky Customers
by Dina Beach Lynch.1. Tis the Season Recognize that everyone is frazzled during the holidays- you and your customers. Give everyone, including you, the benefit of the doubt when it comes to ‘bad behaviors’ like being a...
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You Are Beautiful
Topic : Beautiful & You are Beautiful
by Hifzur Rehman.Yes, it is true, you are beautiful beyond any doubt. Do you know that you are a unique person with a special kind of God gifted beauty which no other person possess. That beauty is something very pe...
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Factors That Will Affect Sperm Health
Topic : Sperm Health & Sperms : Affecting Sperm Health
by Dr. Mike Berkley.The Sperm DNA Integrity assay (SDIA) like the Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA) is a tool for measuring clinically important properties of sperm nuclear chromatin integrity. Chromatin is that p...
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Men and Sperm Health
Topic : Men & Man : Sperms Health
by Dr. Mike Berkley.Men - What You Do On A Daily Basis Affects Your Sperm Maturation Process While a woman is born with all the eggs she'll ever have, men produce sperm on a continual basis. Therefore, what a man does o...
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Beauty Today: All Smoke and Mirrors?
by Danna Schneider.Did you ever notice that the bar is continually being raised on exactly what physical characteristics define beauty? As I sit in front of the TV, I am bombarded by beauties with pouty lips, perfect b...
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Self Tanners: Your New Best Friend?
Topic : Self Tanning & Self Tanners
by Danna Schneider.Have you ever known a sun worshipper, one of those people who can never seem to get a dark enough tan? They are always looking for that new product that will break their newest tanning plateau and de...

Can We Really Get Rid of Cellulite?
Topic : Get Rid of Cellulite & How to get rid of Cellulite
by Danna Schneider.It has been the bane of every women's existence since the dawn of time - the affliction known as cellulite. We all have it to varying degrees, and it seems to get worse as we get older in many cases....
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The Fountain of Youth - Right in Front of Us All This Time!
Topic : Fountain of Youth & The Fountain of Youth
by Danna Schneider.Can we really stop the aging process, slow it down, or even reverse the effects of aging on our skin and body? It is an enigma for which so many have searched the answers to for years. Now, with ad...
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Japanese Hair Straightening: All You Ever Wanted to Know
Topic : Hair Straightening & Japanese Hair Straightening
by Danna Schneider.By now, I'm sure you've heard of the hair straightening process invented in Japan that has swept America and made countless women forever grateful to it's hair-transforming powers. It goes by several...
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Unique Ideas for Girlfriend Get Togethers
Topic : Ideas for Girlfriend & Ideas for get together
by Sandra Mahoney.Women create friendship opportunities. We suggest get togethers, shopping excursions, road trips, and coffee dates. We remember birthdays and anniversaries and make sure to stay connected. We call ea...
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Road Trip Anyone?
Topic : Road Trip & Road Trip Planners : Road Trip Ideas
by Sandra Mahoney.Remember when we were younger and only one of us in the group had their driver’s license or a car? We would drive to each friend’s home to pick them up. Our intention: to be together, to explore and ...
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Lindsay Lohan to Star in “Herbie the Love Bug” Remake
by Scarlett Tomei.Start your engines! Herbie, that lovable Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own, races back to theaters this summer, and this time Lindsay Lohan is going along for the ride. In "Herbie: Fully Load...
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You’re A Mom, She’s A Mom: Being An Adult With Your Parents
by Mimi Azoubel Daniel, MS, CEC.On one of her quarterly visits to see her grandson, my three-year-old son, my mother ignores the available front seat of the car, crowds into the back next to the car seat and promptly unwraps a loll...
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Cant You See Im Working?
by C. J. Hayden.For many working parents, telecommuting or a home business may seem like the answer to your prayers. You want to have more time with your kids and greater flexibility, so you take the leap, install ...
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Crack the Clandestine Code of Diamonds
Topic : Cracking the Code : Crack Code & Crack Codes
by M J Plaster .Precious, brilliant and expensive—why wouldn't diamonds be a girl's best friend? When giving the most significant gift of a lifetime, most men, and even the women who receive them, know precious litt...
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Star Sapphire Diffused, Information And Facts
Topic : Sapphire : Star Sapphire & Star Sapphires
by www.kaisilver.com.Diffused Star Sapphire, Is This A Real Sapphire? This is a most commonly asked question relating to the diffused star sapphire. We will answer this question right away, before going into details of t...
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10 Holiday Sober Savers
by Connie Carpenter.Holidays are loaded with triggers. Memories, family situations, and extra demands for your time are all difficult to manage. While at the same time, living in recovery, especially when your newly sob...
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14 Ways to Improve Sleep Now!
Topic : Sleep Improvement & How to have a Good Sleep
by Barbara C. Phillips.Sleep disturbance or insomnia is not uncommon in women starting at midlife. While this may be due to a physical concern, usually it is not. Lets discuss some things you can do have a good sleep.
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Star Jones Nuptials: Fairytale Wedding or Diva Gone Wild?
Topic : Fairytale Wedding & Fairy Tale Wedding
by Donna Monday.In case you’ve been living on another planet for the past several months, you may not have heard that Star Jones was getting married. For the rest of us here on planet earth we couldn’t escape this j...
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What to Wear to Get Laid
by Christianna Mansfield.What to Wear to Get LaidToday's leather suits have completely shattered the mold. By pairing your leather pants with a slim fitting leather blazer, you can create a spectacular look that is perfectly appropriate for getting laid. Be sure to offset yo...
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Platinum - The most precious of metals
Topic : The Gem/Jewelry Industry- Platinum Metal Trends and Benefits
by Stevan Tomar.Platinum is a metal that is white and pale silver in color. In its pure form, platinum is easy to form into a wide variety of shapes. Therefore it is being used to a great extent in many types of manufacturing industries.
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Women and Older Men
by Trevor Taylor.It's true to say that many young men, on reaching the age in their lives when pubescence takes control of their lateral thinking, find themselves fantasizing about older females, often twice their own age and upwards. For instance it's quite common f...
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Breast Enlargement the Natural Way
Topic : Breast Augmentation: Natural Supplements To Breast Enlargement
by Andyx5.As many Women are concerned about going under the knife to have breast implants. They should consider the natural way to enhance a lady’s figure without the need for cosmetic surgery. A product is currently available to help woman achieve an enhanc...
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