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American Women Really Dont Like You
Asian Women White Men [1-1k]
Topic : Asian Women White Men; Why Guys like Asian Girls
by Steve Eyes.Any man who has dated Asian ladies who live in the United States, has witness the wrath, jealously and prejudice of American women towards Asian ladies. I know I have, as have many of my friends. The...
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Valentines Day! The Sweet and Romantic Holiday
Topic : Valentines Day : Valentine Day & Valentines Day
by Merrie Schonbach.When I think of Valentines Day I think of Chocolates and Flowers. Others might think of a more romantic subject too. What ever it means to you it should be made fun and can offer another reason to th...
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Happiest Valentines Day
Topic : Valentines Day Ideas & Ideas for Valentines Day
by Marla Sloane.The thought of Valentine’s Day conjures up romantic evenings, a candlelight dinner, and long walks with your loved one. It is, without a doubt the most romantic day of the year. So how could you poss...
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Can This Relationship Be Helped?
Topic : Help for troubled relationships
by Margaret Paul, Ph.D..I have been counseling couples for 35 years. Quite often individuals come in for help wondering if it is really possible to save or improve their relationship. Perhaps their partner is totally uninte...
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To Love Or To Be In Love
Topic : To Love & Being in Love
by Adeyemi Adetosoye.What is the basic difference between loving someone and being in love with the person? Before we can be sure that we have found true love, we need to be sure what these two terminologies mean. Is it ...
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The Economics of True Love
Topic : The Economics of True Love, Finding True Love
by Adeyemi Adetosoye.In the real world, can there be romance without finance? A common saying: No romance, without finance. But what does it mean really? After a little thought about it and a hard look at the big picture...
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True Love - Part 1
Topic : True Love : True Love Exist
by Adeyemi Adetosoye.True Love! We all dream of being in love with that significant other, at some point in our lives. Is it better to have loved once than not to have loved at all? If this is really the case, then how d...
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Cut Cupid Some Slack!
Topic : Cupid : Cupid Mythology
by Stanley J. Leffew.Valentine's Day! What a great idea to set aside a day for remembering those we love. It's even more than just remembering; it's romancing. But it is also a holiday that many dread. Because of the ...

7 Ways To Improve Your Relationship
by Margaret Paul, Ph.D..Good relationships don’t just happen. I’ve heard many of my clients state that, “If I have to work at it, then it’s not the right relationship.” This is not a true statement, any more than it’s true...
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Love Discrimination
Topic : Love & Discrimination : Defination of Discrimination
by Daniel Baney.Why is it people, especially the media, thinks that looking for love on the internet is shameful? The discrimination is particularly evident if you are looking for a foreign bride. I met my wife, Eil...
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True Romance for Couples with Kids: 10 Inexpensive Ideas
Topic : True Romance : Romance for Couple
by Susie Cortright.Anyone can splurge on a formal dinner or a pricey bottle of perfume, but it takes creativity and forethought to be truly romantic. The key lies in personalizing your celebration. Here are ten id...
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Loves All About Chemistry
by Niz.People who have been swept off their feet know the feeling. Love makes us all feel funny. That sense of giddy disorientation, unsinkable euphoria and complete obsession with a new love can be so over...
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Q&A on Marriage problems - Our Sex Life is Horrible
Topic : Q&A on Relationship Problems
by Wayne and Tamara.Direct Answers - Column for the week of November 22, 2004 I am a woman, 42, who three years ago married a wonderful man who will be 48 on his next birthday. I love him very, very much. The only pro...

Dating in the New Millenium
Topic : Dating Advice : Advice on Dating
by Melissa Seifert.Over the past 20 years the face of dating has gone through some noticeable changes. Traditional methods of finding a date would be to rely on friends to play matchmaker or to attend bars, various dif...
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How to Start a Fling with Someone
by Advice Diva.It is fabulous to have someone you can call at 2am or even on your lunch hour when you need immediate gratification. Tips on how and where to start a fling.
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The Independent Woman and the Metrosexual Man
Topic : Independent Women , Independent Woman & Metrosexual Man
by Advice Diva.A lot of people are starting to wonder why dating in the big city has suddenly become such a perplexing and complicated experience. And when, exactly, did this happen? The dating scene has always bee...
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Using Astrology to Study Your Relationship
Topic : What Planet is your Relationship on - Using Astrology to Study Your Relationship
by Elizabeth White.If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, what planet is their relationship on? John Gray's bestselling book used a planetary analogy to understand relationships. It proved very popular as a wa...
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Its a Gut Feeling – Finding love
Topic : Finding Love - Love is a Gut Feeling
by Steve Eyes.Most single guys are settled in their life. Their mornings, afternoons and evenings have a routine they are comfortable with and rarely will they go beyond the boundaries of that routine. Even a sing...
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Youve Been Dumped. Heres How to Get Over It.
Topic : How to Get over being dumped - Getting Over Relationships
by Terry Hernon MacDonald.Weve all been there. Weve fallen in love with somebody who just didnt love us back. Weve heard a variety of exit lines: I think its time we started seeing other people, I love you, but Im not in love...
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The 7 Stages of a Romantic Relationship
Topic : Romantic Relationships & Romantic Relationship
by Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed..There are seven stages in a romantic relationship: avoidance, meeting, dating, breaking up, establishing exclusivity, commitment, and keeping the love you find. Each of these stages vary in length an...
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Health & Beauty: Oily Skin Can Get Dehydrated Too
Topic : Health & Beauty : Oily Skin & Oily Skins
by News Canada.(NC)—All skin types - normal, dry, and oily - needs to be moisturized in summer. Your face may appear to have a shine without a morning lotion, "but what you may be witnessing," says Jacquie Hutchins...
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Romance - Can It Last?
by Thelma Mariano.I’m a sucker for romance. I love movies where boy meets girl, boy loses girl and, against all odds, they find their way back to each other. Or films about star-crossed lovers, as in Bridges of Madiso...
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Popping the Question
by Terry Hernon MacDonald.You’ve been dating the man forever, and he has yet to cough up a ring. You spend every single weekend with him. You endure his flatulent buddies from college. You put up with his lunatic mother. You...
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Online Dating For Dummies
Topic : Online Dating : Online Dating for Dummies
by HM Hovis.Whether you have been dating for years, getting back in the game, or just starting out, you could always use a bit of dating advice. Not the kind you get from your mother, but rather the kind that ac...
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The Sound of His Laughter
Topic : Laughing Sound & Laughing Sounds
by Skye Thomas.When you're searching for your Mr. Right, I want you to pay close attention to his laugh. It may seem odd for me to say that, but you can tell a lot about a man by his laugh. Real laughter is uncon...
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