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Fade My Freckles!
How to Get Rid of Freckles [10k-100k]
Topic : How to Get Rid of Freckles & How to remove skin discoloration
by Natalie Katsman.Freckles, age spots, pregnancy mask - these harmless skin defects can be quite an annoying problem. The good news is: if you know why the discoloration occurs and take measures to prevent and treat it, you can have an even skin tone at any age.
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Twisted Sisters
Topic : Twisted Sisters & Twisted Sister
by Nathan Tyree.I tried not to lean against anything. Leaning, I Feared, would give the wrong impression. It could seem too casual. Sitting was also not an option. I also did my level best not to make eye contact. T...

Winter Skin Care
Topic : Winter Skin Care - Winter Tips & Products
by Tara Sabeti.Do you have the winter skin blues? Is the itching and flaking driving you crazy? Don’t worry; you can take steps to protect and soothe your body’s largest organ. With proper care, healthy, glowing...
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Savvy Accessories for Women
Topic : Engagement Ring, Engagement Rings - Diamond Ring & Diamond Rings
by Alex Miller.When my first marriage faded into oblivion, the engagement ring I'd worn with such joy and love was banished to my jewelry case. Some years later, older and much wiser, I resurrected the ring and had...
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Can You Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer
Topic : Breast Cancer Awarness & Breast Cancer Awareness - Breast Cancer info
by Kim Beardsmore.We hear it all the time…lose weight for your health. Few people however, realize the extent to which this is critical to their physical well-being and ultimately their life expectancy. In January 200...
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Preventing Osteoporosis
Topic : Osteoporosis - Osteoporosis Prevention
by Kim Beardsmore .Last month my 74-year-old mother while walking, tripped on a small tuft of grass, fell - and broke her rib! Her recovery has been painful, debilitating and at times depressing. It also affected my ...
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Custom Jewelry, Informationa and Buying Tips
Topic : Jewelry - Custom Jewelry & Personalized Jewelry
by www.kaisilver.com.Custom Jewelry, Information And Buying Tips. Custom jewelry includes any jewelry that is made according to design details provided by the buyer. There are various reasons why jewelry buyers opt for c...
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Natural Remedies For Perimenopause And Menopause Symptoms
Topic : Perimenopause & Menopause Symptoms
by LynnDonn.More and more women are seeking natural alternative treatments for symptoms of menopause, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most compelling reason for many is the association between conventional...
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A Cardio Snobs Workout
Topic : Cardio - Cardio Exercise & Cardio Workout
by Valerie McDermott.As I peruse the pages of various holiday issues of my favorite fitness/womens magazines I notice many articles about the benefits of practicing yoga at this stressful time of year. At the risk of sou...
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For The Very Best, Use Mac Cosmetics
Topic : Mac Cosmetics, Mac Cosmetic - Why Mac Makeup?
by Mike Yeager.Mac cosmetics are just the type of cosmetics women are looking for. Mac cosmetics can change you, in a matter of minutes, from the average looking, ordinary, girl-next-door into a stunning beauty. Ma...

Skin Type - Do You Know Yours?
Topic : Skin - Skin Type
by Sheila Dicks.Skin that appears thin, pale and flushes easily and may be sensitive and be subject to allergies. If this is the case, treat your skin gently and use hypoallergenic products. Find out your type of skin
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The Hottest Beauty Trend Isn’t for Women: It’s Skin Care for Men
Topic : Skin - Skin Care for Men
by Donna Monday.Not too long ago, it used to be that when a woman brought home her facial scrub, cleanser and toner, she could be sure that the closest her man got to them was reaching over those fancy jars for his ...
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5 Quick Tips for Great Holiday Hair and Makeup
by Donna Monday.This holiday season you might say that old fashioned glitter and glamour is back. The online beauty tips web site http://www.1-minute-beauty-diva.com has snooped out what’s hot this season: a moderni...
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Make Gift Baskets For Fun & Profit
Topic : Gift Basket - Gift Baskets
by Lisa Maliga.Putting together lovely gift baskets is the way to give a memorable gift to anyone at any time of the year. Now you can assemble gift baskets, and at a very low price! Baskets come in a variety of sh...
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Pearls Make Holiday Shopping Easy
Topic : Pearls & Pearl : Making Holiday Easy
by Yan Berry.Some people love holiday shopping, and others dread it. Finding the perfect gift can be stressful. Many men have trouble finding a gift that shows their love for the women in their lives. They want s...
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Three Key Networking Principles for Women Professionals
by Michelle Goodwine.In order to break through the glass ceiling and reach gender equity, there are several key strategies that women professionals must adopt. One such strategy is networking. There is no doubt that wom...
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Why More Women Should Consider a Career in Computer Programming
Topic : Career for Women & Women Jobs : Computer Programming Jobs
by V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D..Everyone knows that computer programming is a heavily male-dominated field. I think this is unfortunate. Over the years, I've come to conclude that there is a great deal that women can contribute t...
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Co-Dependency and Food: Trying to Fill the Void
Topic : Co-Dependency & Codependency : Food
by Zo Houseman.Nice girls don’t speak up. Nice girls take care of and support others. These are just a few of the messages girls often receive as they are socialized. Often in adulthood, these ingrained messages tu...

Will the Angels Abandon Us?
Topic : Angel & Angels
by Skye Thomas.If we don't behave according to a specific church's doctrine, will our guardian angels turn their backs on us? If we are struggling with our overall belief in God or we're questioning the validity o...
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Spa Protocol 101: Massage Virgin
Topic : Spa & Spas : Spa Protocol
by Sandra Mahoney.Your First Time It's your first time at a spa. You're nervous, shy and curious; a little embarrassed to be bare-assed. If this sounds like you, you're a spa virgin. But rest assured, your first time ...
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Gemstone Rings, History And Information
Topic : Gemstone Rings , Gemstone Information & Gemstone History
by www.kaisilver.com.Mankind has believed in the special powers and capabilities of gemstones since many centuries. Gemstones were earlier worn as simple pendants or amulets and supposed to protect the person wearing the...
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Diet Pills: Tremendous Temptation, Huge Frauds
Topic : Diet Pill , Diet Pill Review & Diet Pill Revies
by Dana Scripca.False campaigns More than 50 percent of Americans and Canadians are overweight or obese. More than a half the advertising campaigns for diet pills and dietary supplements are intentionally false or f...
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Natural Self-Defense Against Breast Cancer
Topic : Breast Cancer : Breast Cancer Prevention & Breast Cancer Information
by Jennifer Rodriguez-Allen.Natural Self Defense Against Breast Cancer - Learning to Cope with Organochlorine Pollution What are organochlorines? Organochlorines are chemicals found in some herbicides and pesticides, in chlorin...
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When Do You Pray?
Topic : Pray to God : How to Pray to God
by Cory L. Kemp.When do you pray? Prayer is the cornerstone of the Christian faith, the communication factor with God that opens us to grace, hope and the very love of God that transforms our lives. So, when do you...

When A Two-Salary Income Fails
Topic : Salary & Salaries : Wage & Wages
by Esther Smith.While this may not apply to everyone, you may find that a second salary brings in substantially less than you thought it would. In the beginning, Rachael thought that since she and her husband were j...

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