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Getting around Sarawak by Taxis & Car Hire
by: Sarawak Tourism Board

o        By Taxis
Travelling from the airport to town is a rough estimation of RM 17.50 - buy a coupon at the taxi stand at the airport. And from Town to the airport is RM 15. Taxis can always be found outside big hotels and at the taxi stand where Jalan Gambier becomes Leboh Jawa. Alternatively, you can call 343343/342255 or 348898 for 24-Hour Radio Taxi service. Short distances around town are ranging RM 5-7.

o        By Car Hire
This is one of the great options travelling in Sarawak, in and around town. A number of tour operators provide chauffeur-driven cars, vans or 4WD vehicles, but there are only a few fully-fledged self-drive companies operating in Kuching. Be wary of unlicensed operators as they will not be fully insured. At peak periods it is advisable to book a car in advance. Here are some operators such as:

Ø       Cat City Holidays, Lot 2537, 1st Floor, Central Park Commercial Centre.
Offers self-drive Protons, vans, 4WD's & luxury cars, chauffeured Mercedes Benz, plus van and coach rental (with driver).
Tel: 412500 (after office hours 019-8881480 or 019-8898028) Fax: 413500

Ø       Pronto Car Rental, No. 98, 1st Floor, Jln Padungan.
Offers Protons, Mercedes, Vans and Landcruisers. Free collection & delivery. Also provides chauffeur service.
Tel: 236889/237889 Fax: 236889.
8 am to 5pm (Mon-Sat)

Ø       Mayflower Car Rental, Lot 4.24A, 4th Floor, Bangunan Satok, Jln Satok.
Offers full range of Nissan & Audi vehicles.
Tel: 410110, 410117. Fax: 410115.

Ø       Wah Tung Travel Service, Booth at Kuching International Airport.
Offers chauffeur driven limousine hire (Proton limousine, Mercedes & Vans).
Tel: 616900, HP 019-8888534. City office Tel: 248888 Fax: 464900. -


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Sarawak Tourism Board, Article Author
This article is contributed by Sarawak Tourism Board

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