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Malaysias Top Shopping Malls
by: Sophia

Many people don't view Malaysia as a shopping destination. We're more mistaken for a tropical and exotic paradise rather than a big city with bright lights. Granted, most of Malaysia 's land is still untouched, but Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley are very much alive. Its skyscrapers are comparable to that of Tokyo and Singapore , and its shopping malls are equivalent to those of Orchard Road and Rodeo Drive . To make sure you get the best shopping experience, make sure to visit SD's picks of top 5 shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley .

#1: 1 Utama Shopping Centre @ Bandar Utama
1 Utama, or more affectionately known to the locals as 1U, is undoubtedly one of the best shopping malls in the country. With 6 floors covered by 5 million square feet of retail space, there is much to see and do here and most of it involves shopping. The mall is basically split into two sections. The locals prefer to call it the ‘old wing' and the ‘new wing', with the new wing being an extension that was added in December 2003. Many international brands have set up home at 1 Utama and most of them can be found at other large shopping malls in the city. You'll be able to find everything you need to furnish your house, fill your wardrobe, fix your car and stock in the fridge. Other entertainment options such as a bowling alley, a Cineplex, a fitness centre and a rock climbing gym are also available. Food lovers will also be happy to know that many dining outlets are spread all over the mall. There's a lot of ground to cover so start your day at 1 Utama as early as 10am and wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

#2: Mid Valley MegaMall @ Kuala Lumpur
Located at Mid Valley City is Mid Valley Megamall, a mega complex that houses office buildings, 2 hotels and one huge shopping mall. Opened in 1999, it is one of the newer shopping malls that is worth a trip. The mall is a one stop-center for all your shopping needs with 4 anchor tenants, Carrefour, Jusco, Golden Screen Cinemas and Metrojaya. The beauty of this shopping mall comes in its organization. The lower ground floor is for food enthusiasts with dining outlets serving food from all over the world. The ground floor and the first floor is a heaven for shopaholics with international and local brands under one roof. The second floor is mostly dedicated to home appliances and décor which the third floor is usually called the entertainment floor. Shopping has never been easier at Mid Valley Megamall, but do be aware of the traffic jam during the weekends. What's a good shopping mall without the traffic jams?

#3: Suria KLCC @ Kuala Lumpur
Suria KLCC is a shopping mall located at the base of Malaysia 's infamous Petronas Twin Towers . Not only does Suria KLCC provide you with an ultimate shopping experience, you'll get to see what were once the world's tallest buildings. Suria KLCC is probably the most diverse of its kind in Malaysia . There are many different activities to participate in and there's something for the young, the old and everyone else in between. One of its main features is the Dewan Philharmonik Petronas which is home to Malaysia 's very own Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, Petronas also has an art gallery and a science centre for the less musically inclined. Aquaria KLCC is a 90 meter underwater tunnel that is home to 150 different species of fish. Suria KLCC wouldn't be one of the top shopping malls if it didn't have excellent shopping facilities. The shopping experience is just average because it caters mostly to the big spenders. People looking for good bargains wouldn't exactly find this place attractive. KLCC Park is located right outside the doors of Suria KLCC and it is the perfect place to rest those aching feet after a day of fun and shopping.

#4: Sunway Pyramid @ Bandar Sunway
Sunway Pyramid might not be the best place to shop, but it makes up for it with its Egyptian theme. It is one of the only themed malls in Malaysia and it has chosen a theme that attracts the interest of both tourists and locals. The main feature of Sunway Pyramid is the pyramid itself which is located at the main entrance. Together with it is the large head of a lion which stands tall and proud to greet its visitors. Another interesting attraction would be the ice skating rink. It is Malaysia 's first skating rink within a shopping mall and many flock to the ice to get away from the hot and humid weather outside those walls. There are many shopping and dining outlets but its offerings are less attractive compared to the earlier mentions. Nonetheless, there are some common international brands such as Esprit and Levi's present and dining options might be a bit limited compared to the more popular malls but it is sufficient. In any case, a trip to see Malaysia's very own version of Egypt and a whirl around the ice skating rink would make up for it.

#5: Star Hill Gallery @ Kuala Lumpur
The Star Hill Gallery provides a gallery of rich experiences with its international and local designer stores and its fine dining outlets. With a meager 280,000 square feet of space to spare, it attempts to provide a shopping experience of a different kind, the expensive kind. The entire mall is chic, luxurious and classy. The tenants are no different. With names such as Prada, Gucci, DKNY and many more, you'd have to be a big spender to relish in all Star Hill has to offer. Star Hill has recently experienced some changes, particularly to its dining section which is located on the lowest level. Many additional establishments have been added and most of them provide dining of the fine kind. Located at the fringe of Bintang Walk, the Star Hill Gallery is visited by many tourists and locals. It is exclusive, posh and looks like it is catered to the nobles and royalty. But even if you can't afford the lavish items within, a stroll around the place will give you a out of country experience. It would feel as if you've warped to France or New York for some afternoon shopping.

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