Black Gold and Other Fancy Colors Of Gold

by : kaisilver

Black gold, blue gold, purple gold and many other colors of gold.

Are these really gold? Is such colored gold as strong as normal gold? How are these gold colors obtained. We are all familiar with white gold and yellow gold, but these fancy gold colors have now hit the market. And the truth is that little is known about these gold colors thereby keeping jewelry buyers in the dark. Most gold coloring processes are patended by a few big companies who keep the facts hidden from the general public.

To start with, these gold colors are gold and obtained by mixing different alloys into gold. This is similar to the process used to create white and yellow gold. The lack of sufficient knowlegde regarding these gold colors is true of jewellers too. That is the reason why maintaining and repairing these fancy gold colored jewelry is not an easy task.

With a variety of patented alloys used in the making of these gold colors, there is a special reason for concern for, people with sensitive skin that is prone to skin allergies. Given the entire mystery and secrecy that shrouds these gold colors, you need to wonder whether it is worth spending your money on them.

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