Quality Cologne, Perfume And Fragrances To Enhance Your Sex Appeal

by : Mike Yeager

Perfumes to Enhanced Your Desirability
Romantic scents for the Bedroom. It has been said that a perfume is like gathering an armful of luscious rose pedals at the height of their bloom. The lovely scent, the heavenly fragrance and sensation you feel when surrounded by a quality perfume, fragrance or scent cannot be overstated.

Romantic Scents for the Bedroom 
The best scents and fragrances for your bedroom

  • Vanilla Scent
    Vanilla scent is one of the most popular scents ever. It is sweet, warm, complex, comforting and used as an ingredient in Chinese and French perfumes for centuries. Vanilla extract can stimulate the sexual desirabilities and has positive effects are particularly strong among older men.
  • Licorice Scent
    This Scent can arouse any female. Women who are exposed to the scent of licorice reported a 13% increase in bloodflow. Unfortunately, "licorice effect" that gets women steamed up can actually dampen the libido of a man. A combination of doughnuts and licorice was found to enhance arousal for both women and men. Licorice combined with the scent of cola was also a huge winner.
  • Cinnamon Scent
    One of the most pleasant aromas on the planet. The smell of cinnamon rolls increased penile blood flow more than any other scent. Cinnamon scent has the ability to dilate blood vessels, causing increased blood flow and lower levels of inflammation. Cinnamon helps relax tight muscles, reduces drowsiness, relieve menstrual cramps, ease painful joints, irritability, and the pain and number of headaches. Now you know why, to the ancient Egyptians, cinnamon was worth more than gold?
  • Sandalwood Scent
    This light, woody aroma is said heighten your sexual desirability. Sandalwood Scent is an aphrodisiac that help increase libido, especially for men and provide energy. The very presence of its scent in the bedroom will induce powerful orgasms. It scents also have a cooling effect and help relieve all types of brain, digestive, circulatory, nervous and excretory system inflammation, which result from infections, fevers, antibiotic side effects, insect bites, wounds and poisoning
  • Lavender Scent
    Cleopatra was said to have used the scent of lavender to seduce both Marc Antony and Julius Caesar. Traced back 2,500 years, this beautifully scented herb has been used as a perfume, disinfectant, deodorant, aphrodisiac. The smell of lavender oil can set the tone for a romantic environment. It's scent reduces anxiety, balance hormones, makes a man relax. The scent releases endorphin's in the brain and increases blood flow and arouses him. He gets extra excited if you combine the scent of lavender and pumpkin pie! Doing the same thing with scents of cucumber and Good & Plenty candy does the same trick for women. 

In ancient civilizations materials and ingredients were added to oils used to perfume the skin. Today science is able to isolate and remove a pure single aroma from natural materials. As a general rule, the purer and more distilled the material, the more it costs. However, there are many wonderful fragrances you can buy that are both inexpensive and of a high quality.