Signs of a Respectable Russian Marriage Agency

by : Annas Agency?

Considering the entire process could cost anything from $8000 USD to $15000 USD it is crucial that a real agency be found and used. Try typing the words “Russian marriage agency" into a search engine and you can easily get 300 000 hits. Sifting through all these agencies can be a real problem. If is even more difficult when you consider that each website claims to be the best in the world and the most effective.

Watching what appears on the internet may not be the best approach since the industry is largely unregulated and anyone can say anything they want. It is a matter of fact that many agencies make unwarranted claims which they can never support or even closely justify.

So, if it so difficult to find a good agency, how should you go about choosing the right agency? Even though we admit it is difficult, here are a few good things to watch out for.

  • The agency should be registered with the Association of Russian Marriage Agencies (ARMA). ARMA enforces a rigid code of conduct which protects consumers from exploitation. The code of conduct has been reviewed by consumer watchdogs and law enforcement agencies. Agencies not belonging to ARMA may not necessarily be fraudulent, but if they are, you the consumer has not recourse.

  • The Agency should have a valid physical, email and postal address. Furthermore telephone and fax numbers should be provided. Scammer agencies would never give their contact details for fear of getting caught.

  • Prices for all services must be given upfront along with the terms via which they may change. Many agencies use free services to lure men into a relationship with women. When the men want to continue the relationship, the agency asks for more money.

  • Both men and women are treated with dignity and respect. A good agency realises that a happy marriage can only take place if both the men and women are treated with equal dignity. Good agencies do not exploit women for commercial gain. If they can exploit women, they will exploit men when the opportunity presents itself.

  • The Russian Marriage Agency industry is 14 years old. It is dishonest for an agency to say they are being unfairly victimised by the media and government. A well recognised agency would have emerged by now. An acknowledged leader in the industry would have the respect of law enforcement agencies and also work with leading western businesses.

  • If an agency cares about you it will take the time understand you, the customer via research. They will also have industry research.

  • A good agency will probably use a credit card processing system. These features require monthly expenditures which fraudulent agencies would not pay for. However remember that with the number of innovations in the industry, it is just possible that their may be an new, yet equally safe alternative.

  • If marriage is the end goal then trafficking of women cannot be the dual goal. The agency should support the Anti-Trafficking-Movement (ATM). This movement ensures member agencies are not illicitly trafficking women into the sex trade.

  • If an agency truly cares, it will take the time to advise you through the process. Outstanding agencies will work with you even after you have stopped generating an income for them. They realise that your happiness is paramount. Such are rare but do exist.

  • Respectable agencies will not degrade Russian women by referring to them as “Mail Order Brides". Furthermore the agency will not create the impression that Russian women are easy to marry.

  • An agency which convinces women to join their services by promising a life of opulence and money, should be avoided. Agencies which create different expectations for men and women are merely using women as a means to make money.

  • An agency cannot guarantee a service it cannot deliver. Never trust an agency which “guarantees" success unless they provide written recourse.

  • Agencies claiming to have thousands of US marriages a year are most probably dishonest. Visiting the USCIS site will easily concur that only about 3 thousand fiancé visa a year are issued to Russian women.

And finally, a respectable agency will act like a professional business by delivering “Superior Customer Service at all times". Do not condone dishonest practices by agencies. As a customer you have the right to change the market and stop fraudulent behaviour.

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