Putting Your Palace To Bed

by : News Canada

(NC) —If you're a sailor, there are few things as precious as your boat. Power or sail, whatever the size, your boat is your escape, your refuge, your palace. Below are a few tips on protecting that refuge from old man winter.

Boat In the Water

  • Fill fuel tanks, add stabilizer.

  • Change engine oil and filters, always using brand name products from known marine specialists, like Castrol.

  • Winterize head, holding tank and fresh water system by draining or filling with non-toxic anti-freeze.

  • Winterize any other water using equipment.

  • Remove electronics, antennas and couplers. Spray and tape exposed cables.

  • Service cradle if necessary.

Boat On Dry Land

  • Lubricate or grease all systems requiring such.

  • Pump bilges completely dry, rinse with cleaner, empty again.

  • Charge batteries fully. Disconnect if leaving on boat.

  • Winterize engine and cooling system. Drain all water from engine block and any stern drives. Replace with storage antifreeze.

  • Clean fridge and/or ice box thoroughly.

  • Use mildewcide or anti-fungus products liberally.

  • Leave lockers and hatches open where possible. Leave bilge access open.

  • Be sure the entire boat has access to plenty of fresh air.

  • And if you're really gung-ho, you can do all that important exterior stuff like varnishing and washing the hull.

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