The Keys to Sony Playstation 1 and 2 Success

by : Aaron Brooks

Sony Playstation 1 &2 sold over 214 million units. Whew that is mind boggling! Ever wondered how Sony managed to reach this level of success? Success is about technological superiority, branding, costing, and popularity. Sony has over the years established and maintained a world-wide credibility. In the gaming world, Sony has gained and maintained a strong presence. It addressed in totality the four Ps: Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement.

Market watchers who have kept their finger on the pulse of the gaming console market feel that Sony Playstation will maintain its lead as:

1.The conglomerate has created an indelible "brand" recognition. In the 80s and 90s the No1 slot was held by Nintendo, today gaming is synonymous with Sony PlayStation. Even the launch of Xbox 360 has not moved Sony Playstation from its popularity or position as market leader. Playstations 1&2 have established a loyalty in gamers and PS3 will benefit from this established presence. Creation of a strong and sustaining brand presence just ensured that a large number of customers will stick with the brand they know, trust, and love.

2.Sony has created a product that satisfies a need. The Sony Playstation satisfies all gaming needs. Its user friendly, exciting, affordable, and innovative. Sony has pulled out all stops in the creation of playstations 1, 2, &3. The company employs developers who understand the very needs and pulse of world wide gamers. Games in the Sony series are popular and have long term use. The games are chosen to satisfy Eastern as well as Western Gaming needs. The aim of Sony was to be "king" of multimedia entertainment and so, the gaming consoles became all in all with great sound, online connectivity, and realism. The playstations became the game machine that took gaming from the confines of the living room to different corners of the world via the internet. What is more the playstation is designed to play DVDs and music too.

3.Sony has ensured that the playstations become household names by pricing the consoles competitively and creating an aggressive advertising foray. Clever positioning of the playstations as a must have and dream come true in the ad campaigns has played a crucial role in increasing sales. The success lay in the creation of a cachet brand.

4.According to industry leaders, the crux lay in Sony striking the right balance between image, marketing, and branding. It tapped third party publisher talents and gained access-all-areas support and royalties. It also used the technique of stealth positioning to diffuse prejudice about the playstation and encourage acceptance about the value of the products.

Sony playstation has charted a success story that moves from strength to strength and what is impressive is that SPS2 and SPS3 are backwardly compatible with previous playstations. This means that gamers can continue to enjoy favorites on older playstations thus establishing a continuity.

According to Sony's chief executive, "the future of the company is in the creation of champion products that are runaway hits that translate into profits and help maintain the No 1 position for the company."