Nonsense Rhymes - Just Rhyme Away

by : Shyama Dutta

I am one of those people who rhyme at the drop of a hat, and I realized when pushed a lot of people can. A little thought and you can set your mind and your tongue free. These are some handy tips:

&bull Find a set of words that rhyme, these could be the tags your rhyme, for example if your sentence ends with poke, the words - coke, choke , or even folk would rhyme. Find the one that makes most sense and end the next sentence with it.

&bull If a single syllable letter will not rhyme, find one has two syllables - for example revoke, would be a perfect fit.

&bull You could use some very good online dictionaries to help you find the right rhyming word. Remember to go with the sound, rather than spelling.

&bull Set a certain meter, this makes the rhyme truly interesting. It is easy to read and even say the rhyme if it said at a particular speed.

&bull Set up a simple story around your rhyme. The rhyme would have more meaning around this. Many write very meaningful nonsense rhymes.

&bull Of course, unless you are a serious poet, funny rhymes work, they can make you popular in parties. You seem clever and witty.

Read this rhyme and enjoy - and then pick your pen and start rhyming.

The Knife thrower and her mouse
Now let me tell you about a mouse
Well actually he was the man about house.
He had a pretty smart thrilling wife,
who could throw a mean knife.
Now he was really frightened
because she was short sighted.
So everyday he would tip toe
but somehow she would know.
Out with the knives she would come,
after having a neat shot of rum.
The man would run down the street
thinking he would be dead meat.
Wifey ran after quite fast
throwing knives till the last.
The guys on this crazy street,
would behind locked shake in the feet.
Yet this marriage worked pretty well,
Don't divorce a wife who throws a knife swell!

This is another nonsense verse written by me.

The Most Nonsensical Verse
Rhyming, for me are words, stringed together,
It can talk of lost love or cruel weather.
Sometimes it meows or you'll hear a growl
Sometimes the words merely howl.
But that's all I can say in seriousness,
Simple words are all my mind can harness.

As you know as I am truly shallow,
Let me write a rhyme completely fallow.
A sweet kindergarten teacher met a rotten spiritual healer
The kind whose favorite medicine is a neat shot of Tequila.
He seduced her so, on a boat over the river they did go,
Then one day well she was quite the less virtuous you know.