Sense of Wonder

by : Hemant Pandey

For a dear 'Pal'

"Sense of Wonder"

Sense of wonder' is the metaphor

Which struck my heart's door?

When I saw an 'innocent look'

& a vocal simple, soft & sure

Chirps like a bird

Foolish as lass

It is not absurd

To call her talking statue of glass

'Law of averages' found no takers

When she opened her mouth (of diamonds!)

Every word had angels to dine

My blunder was asking a fine.

For somebody with a wonder simle...........
Meeting Life..........
On the other side of the road
Someday on a morning stroll
I saw a staring beauty
Two dogs (with her) and a barby doll!

Who was doll was stiff to tell!
Road length was another hell!
In the mist, in the fog
Only visibility was black bulldog

One day another day on the roads
There was a bomb to explode!
Some body come near to me
Asking me my abode!

I was gazing to her
He was staring at me!
I was immovable as a wood-Log
He was none but same bulldog!
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