I Finally Learned What is Love is

by : Mary Wismer

I finally learned what real love is,
And that real love was you.
If you ever find that ability to love
And care for someone that much,
Where each waking day is better
Than the previous one, and no matter what happens
Or what our station in life is,
Be it rich or poor, that nothing can change our heart,
Because you we have each other's hearts,
Then shall we truly know

Where real strength and love come from.
I want to take you in my arms and hold you ever tight;
Show you that you're the one I love with all my might;
I know in my heart you're the best;
There is no comparison to the rest;
Being with you makes my heart sing;
I believe together we could do anything;
Knowing that you listen to your heart and follow it,

Because you know that there is nothing
Stronger or more powerful than the heart.
It can bring you to heights unimaginable,
It can slam you so hard that you think
Even living isn't important anymore.
It's about believing that you don't give up on real love,
Because it's such a hard thing to keep and it's not worth losing.
It knows that all the trials and tribulations,
All of it, everything, just makes both of us stronger.