In the Middle of a ...night

by : Khalid LAHLOU

Once upon a mid-summer night
There was a little boy
Playing in the street
With his mother
They were playing
Happily when suddenly
A ghost appeared
He took hold of the little boy
The mother started
Crying and crying endlessly
Give me back my little boy
She shouted
Nobody heard her
Dead silence
in the middle of the night
The ghost disappeared
Leaving no sign
Confused the mother
Followed her instincts
What have I done
To deserve all this
He's my only child
For years have I tried
Hard I could to protect him
Is it a punishment from God
Is it a sin I committed
Of which I am not aware
She continued crying
In the middle of the night
Only her voice heard
And nothing more
Oh God please help me
Get my baby back
I promise I be a good woman
Serving the needy
Days and nights
Even in the middle of the night
Such as this one
Only echoes and nothing more
Ã" God
He's the apple of my eyes
Ã" God
He's the light that enlightens my nights
In the middle of the nights
He's I and I he
We're two in one
Never before had I let him down
I suffered a lot to beget him
He's my happiness and my sadness
He's my joy and my sorrow
Her voice was echoed
And nothing more
Of a sudden
Morning rays came up
With them hope sprang
In the mother's breast
She heard a voice hardly audible
Coming from a long distance
Calling her
My child
Your child is in good hands
He's safe with angels
He's back to you
Take good care of him
This said and nothing more
The mother found her child
She thanked God humbly
She left the scene of her torture
Kissing the child with motherly love
All that happened in the middle
Of a ... night.