Guitar Hero Cheats 3

by : Steve Snyder

Guitar Hero Cheats 3

There he was, on a dark stage. Everything was silent; the only light was coming from the television. Then we heard a drum and some guitar feedback. Then out of nowhere a guitar hero 3 "artist" screeched, squealed and raced on while nearly deafening everybody in the crowd (house). Who is this madman? He plays Guitar Hero 3 like no other. He never misses a single note. He's flawless, he's incredible he's cheating haha.

Ever feel like you want to get the best of that game? Hey we all need to get 'er done some how. Sometimes Guitar Hero 3 seems more difficult than the real thing. Yeah I play an actual 6 string guitar but sometimes I like to play my sons guitar hero game. You should have seen the look on his face after I found these killer Guitar Hero 3 Cheats. He didn't know I was cheating and I was blowing through those guitar licks and never missed a single note. Yeah, most everybody reading this probably thinks I'm an old man who has to cheat, but I can play a mean guitar.

Haha I can even play a mean Guitar Hero 3 when I'm cheating. Ahhh...... it's priceless for once to see his jaw drop to the floor.

Sneak on over to my website and you will find every cheat needed to freak out your dad, mom, brother, sister and best of all, your own kids hahaha. This stuff is priceless guys & gals. Especially for you fellow guitar players who can't stand to play guitar hero and want to show your kids something. It may be fleeting but the look on their puss will be priceless!

You can unlock 13 new guitars and 3 guitar players, Slash, Tom Morello and Lou. You can also simply unlock everything!

You will be able to play the most diffiicult songs mistake free. You will be a Guitar Hero!

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