PS3 or Wii - Which One is Better?

by : Wilson Marks

Everybody knows PlayStation3 and Wii are the two best-selling game machines nowadays. PlayStation 3 is created by the video game leader, Sony Corp, while Wii is created by the video game pioneer, Nintendo Co.

Both PS3 and Wii are powerful computers that have been optimized for graphics and sound. However, these two game machines couldn't be more different.

PS3 is a bulky black box that costs $350 to $500, which includes a standard hard drive, a high-definition Blu-ray optical drive, high-definition video output, Bluetooth wireless controllers, and WiFi wireless networking port.

Wii is a thin white box that costs around $250 with much wimpier specs. Its remote uses accelerometers to sense how players swing, point, and tilt the controller. It doesn't have a hard disk, a networking port or the ability to play DVDs or CDs. It cannot produce high-definition video, either. However, Wii does have Wi-Fi that could wirelessly connects to Nintendo's portable game system.

In my opinion, PS3 is definitely the winner of these two game machines. PlaySation3 has better graphics and better overall media. I am impressed by the rich, realistic graphics and intricate game play in my PS3 games we tried. On the other hand, I think graphics on the Wii are quite cheesy.

My PS3 also has a memory card reader for all Compact Flash and SD memory cards, which is really cool. With a USB keyboard and mouse, my PS3 can serve as a basic PC. Also, Wii's games are all kids games except for Zelda.

PS3 is indeed most expensive than Wii. However, $350 isn't too expensive though when you're getting a thousand-valued built-in Blue-ray player. So I would recommend you getting a PS3 instead of Wii if you are a hard-core gamer like me.

Now let me go over what I think are the best places to buy a PS3 online.

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2. eBay
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3. Amazon
For those who don't really like eBay, I would recommend Amazon as it is as fast and safe as you can get. Keep in mind that you can always safely purchase from their 3rd party sellers as well.

I wish you good luck in finding the perfect PS3 for you.