Which Nintendo Wii Sports Pack Should You Buy?

by : Matt

Nintendo Wii Sports Packs - Which one should you buy?

Nintendo have not yet produced their own, so there are loads of third party manufacturers out there competing for the top slot and space in retail stores and online.

I personally think there are too many and the high street retailers and online stores have overwhelmed and confused us all. I am about to unravel the mass of packs and give you two I would pick.

PDP NERF Nintendo Wii Sports Pak

As the title suggests this is another NERF product from PDP to compliment their DS Lite Case & Stylus. This set is very different to anything else out there in terms of look and obviously the feel. There has been a lot of press about Wii gamers smashing TV's and lights...I wish I had this before my mate smashed my light, but that's another story! So the launch of NERF Sports Pack has been well received for many reasons. The pack includes a tennis racket, baseball bat and golf club. At ?19.99 I would recommend this to anyone, but more for Children who tend to be more animated and hit everything around them. Although some Wii novices would be advised to buy them!

Blaze 6 in 1 Nintendo Wii Accessory Pack

There are a few on the market and this is where extra caution is required, before you spend your hard earned money on an accessory pack think about it. 6 in 1 packs are great because you get a lot for your money, but what about the quality? I would avoid any pack over this, I saw a 15 in 1 recently and the quality was dreadful. The Blaze 6 in 1 pack contains; steering wheel, baseball bat, tennis racket, golf club, controller silicon skin and wrist straps. They would do well to change the pack to; 2 x steering wheels, 2 x tennis rackets, 1 x golf club and 1 x baseball bat. Lose the skin and wrist straps. However do not be deterred as this is still great value. One advantage with Blaze is they come with Xploder Cheat Saves as added value. With a ?14.99 retail price you won't go far wrong with this set.

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