Wow Gold: Power Leveling Variety of Services

by : Mike Estabrooks

Within the world of MMORPG’s and MMO’s, which refer to massively multiplayer online (role-playing) games, lays the power leveling industry. This is an industry that focuses on helping people, for a price, to advance or level up in online games, faster than then MMORPG developers originally intended. The power leveling industry is comprised of many different companies across the globe, including China, Southeast Asia, and North America. With such a vast of array of power leveling companies in the industry, and as one would expect to find a variety of power leveling services offered.

Variety of Services

Many of the cheaper, less reputable power leveling companies really do not offer a variety of services, meaning these companies essentially cover the basics of the game, and that’s it. This refers to the basic components of most MMORPG’s, basic level progression, honor/arena, reputations and/or professions, as well as things such as team work at the end of the game where characters work together.

The cheaper and less reputable power leveling companies will only offer basic services. Essentially, this means that a company offering only the basics will not work with other characters/gamers in the game and will only provide services that can be completed during solo play. Generally the smaller or cheaper power leveling companies only offer the basics because they are outsourcing their services to China. This means instead of performing the services themselves, the services/work is exported to some China company who does the work for them, usually at a cheaper rate then what workers in the USA will work for by far. There is some controversy over the working conditions and pay of Chinese gamers. These companies can put the gamer at risk of being banned or penalized in some other form for leveling up too quickly during the game.

Many Chinese companies have people working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which means that a gamer’s character is continuously advancing. In addition, some disreputable power leveling companies have been known to steal gold earned during their play.

The more reputable or larger power leveling companies offer a large variety of services. Generally, larger power leveling companies will not outsource their work to China or any other part of the global power leveling industry and take pride in doing the work themselves. What this means for the gamer is that there is less chance of being banned or penalized in a MMORPG for leveling too quickly because many of these large companies let the gamer choose how many times or how many hours they want their character to be leveled during the day. The more reputable companies will engage with other gamers in to advance in the game.

Larger and more reputable power leveling companies offer gamers extensive choices of services as well as how and when their game/character is leveled. The variety of services offered by power leveling companies can include, but is not limited to, the following:

• Allowing the gamer to customize their leveling package, which means the gamer, chooses when, where, how often, and what is leveled up.
• Finding keys, gear, and building up the gamer’s reputation.
• Helping the gamer to complete quests, whether they are solo or cooperative quests.
• A specific power leveling, which can refer to making it to a certain level, earning a certain skill, etc…
• Advancing the gamers profession or honor.