How to Kill Bear Lord Nalorakk - World of Warcraft

by : Glen Meyers

You will need the following raid composition in order to kill Bear Lord Nalorakk: 2 tanks, 3-4 healers, 4-5 DPS. You cannot beat this boss with only one tank! Both tanks will need to be well-geared for the raid to successfully defeat him.

Boss Abilities:

Brutal Swipe: This ability hits for around 30,000 damage but will be divided among two targets (7,000 + damage per well-geared tank). Both tanks will have to stand in close proximity of each other and be facing Nalorakk.

Surge: Nalorakk will randomly charge one player and inflict approximately 3,000 points of damage along with performing a knock-back. Any nearby players will also receive the knock-back. This ability is used only during Phase 1.

Mangle: This is a debuff that increases damage taken from bleed effects. It will last for 60 seconds and will be cast on the main tank during Phase 1.

Rend Flesh: This is a bleed effect that causes an instant 6,000 points of damage on Nalorakk's target at the moment Phase 2 begins. An additional 10,000+ points of damage will be inflicted over a 5 second span. If you fail to switch tanks at the precise moment Nalorakk switches to Phase 2, your main tank will have Mangle + Rend Flesh and that will most likely result in a wipe.

Lacerating Slash: This is a bleed effect that causes 15,000+ damage over 18 seconds. Nalorakk will use this ability on his target the moment Phase 2 begins. If you fail to switch tanks, your main tank will have Mangle + Rend Flesh + Lacerating Slash and that will definitely result in a wipe.

Roar: This is a two-second silence AOE that also inflicts 1,300 damage per player. Because of Roar, it is imperative that your healers keep HOTS up on the appropriate tank throughout the fight. Outside of failing to switch tanks from phase to phase, the AOE silence from Roar is usually what wipes a raid.

Raid Positioning: Both tanks must stand next to each other and face Nalorakk. Melee should be positioned behind the boss. Ranged DPS and healers should surround the boss and be spaced apart from each other to avoid multiple players getting hit by his Surge ability.

Basic Strategy: Dual tank the boss and switch tanks when he switches to his bear form in Phase 2. Your second tank will need to taunt him for Phase 2 and your main tank needs to taunt him back when he switches again to his Phase 1 humanoid form. That's the fight in a nutshell. If you can manage to switch his target at the precise moment he switches phases, you've accomplished the hard part.

If you cannot switch tanks back and forth between phases, Nalorakk is going to cast Mangle along with his bleed effects (Rend Flesh and Lacerating Slash) onto one tank, and that combination will most likely kill your tank in a matter of seconds.

Dwarf tanks are useful here because of Stone Form; it will remove the bleed effects. Blessing of Protection will also remove them.

Heal over time spells are particularly important due to Nalorakk's silencing Roar. If you use a druid as one of the tanks, have him or her shift form and cast HOTs onto the other tank to assist the main healers. Be careful not to get caught by a Brutal Swipe while out of bear form!

Blessing of Protection can be used to force-switch Nalorakk to another tank. Cast it onto the main tank and Nalorakk will immediately switch to the off tank (or vice versa). If both tanks get Mangle during the first phase, you will need to remove Mangle from the secondary tank before Nalorakk switches to Phase 2 form.

This boss can be reset. If you lose a tank or otherwise do something detrimental to the raid, players can run down the steps and Nalorakk will reset.