How to Run Over More Dead Bodies in Shooting Games

by : Peter rodrick

Nowadays, shooting games have become an integral part of the world of computer games, without which, probably, one may not find it interesting. Parents, on other side, allow their kids to play shooting and become a great warrior since there is no harm, they do not step out of the home and though in battlefield, they are secured!

Come on, let us face it, we all have a warrior in some corner of our brain. We too want to have latest German made guns for point blank shot, a powerful binocular to view what all is happening in enemy's terrain, immediately going there and bangggg! It sounds so interesting then what when you get into this world with mind-blowing sound effects and classic graphics that give realistic flair to what all is happening inside the computer screen. But this all happiness only exists when you survive in the game. When your character or Hero, armed, steps out for the first stage to clear, you find lots of gunmen in front of you who are fully trained and given a task to bug you! Remember, your shot may mislead to somewhere else, but they are fully trained and their shot will just screw you from any side!!!

No one on this planet loves to lose and you are not an exception; if you do love, you don't belong to this beautiful planet! Then how to get rid of them and walk on more dead bodies of enemies by gunning down them? How to get flawless victory and proudly raise your hand calling out 'mission accomplished'? Here are few of the gems you would find as a great way to feel the most powerful shooter and unbeatable warrior -

Carefully study enemy's camp: This is very important. You might have been equipped with latest binocular, don't feel ashamed staying away from that danger zone. Take your own time, use those latest eyes and study the entire zone carefully. Don't focus to one particular tent but do look around. For this, find a place that is higher than that terrible zone, have panoramic view to have better idea.

Walk aside: This is equally essential. Untold truth is, when such game is programmed, the soldiers who are enemies are given a task to kill you ONLY when you come in their sight or zone! Can you imagine, at one particular point, where their programmed zone starts you move one step forward, you are welcomed with hundreds of bullets and if you just step back, you are safe though you are there. Moral of the story is, walk aside since this area would be nearer to some mountain, wall or fencing and that is not included in program that describes your location to the enemy's eyesight.

Know your arms: This is often ignored and simple most reason is who bothers to read about the arm when they are allotted to you with notes or in better words the configuration! It has been observed many times that at one particular place, you are always killed and need to scratch from the ground again as that stage again begins when you die. The simplest example for this could be when you come to one particular place you are shot and dead; now what actually should happen is before coming to this spot, you need to search for a shooter who is peeping out of the window of the old castle that is far away from you. There you need to locate him using binoculars or the gun with crosshair and then shooot! Your life is saved taking his life!

Crawling: Players often crawl, but not at the place where it is needed. At some place, crawling saves the life of the main character since the plane enemies have for their sight is higher than what actually your soldier lies in. Your speed is very important that when you need to run and when to not.

Search for some energy: When your energy bar is significantly low, you should not proceed further. Search for some energy source that might be around you. Take some time to explore each barrel, door or corner of the room where generally such energy packs are kept. Fill up your energy and then move ahead to kick-off enemies.