Vip Powerleveling

by : Mike Estabrooks

VIP Promise

The VIP Promise is simple. When you place your VIP order you are not getting a "worker". Essentially what you are getting are the highest skilled gamers in the industry. We are talking about people who live and breathe this game and have been playing games since Pong and Atari. Most of them rank in top guilds on Korea, Taiwan, and European servers.
As everyone is well aware Blizzard Entertainment is against Real Money Trade and has been from the very beginning. They aggressively monitor their servers for people who violate the TOS otherwise known as "The Terms of Service". I am sure who ever is reading this right now has more than likely experienced one or more of their accounts getting banned or suspended. Whether it was for powerleveling, botting, hacking, exploiting or just selling gold Blizzard has taken action on well over 4 million accounts since the release and confiscated over 300 million of their precious Gold. This has definitely left a dent in your pocket book as well ours. However, the seasons are about to change. No longer will you fear the day when Blizzard Emails you stating your account has received a suspension or ban. When placing a VIP order you can rest in peace knowing you will get what you paid for.
We are so confident in this service we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee 100% or your money back if something happens to your account we will refund 100% and buy you a new account.


VIP Policy
As you know, there isn't a company out there that can promise you without a shadow of doubt that your account will not get stolen, hacked, suspended or banned. Or that your gold will not be confiscated after receiving it. So these new Policies were created with a few things in mind;

1. Most importantly that you my clients are set free from any and all risks associated with RMT.
2. Secondly, the stress and disappointment relief I will get when I won't have to see Blizzard strip the rights of my fellow gamers forcing them to lose money and time.
3. Keeping Blizzard focused on my Competition. "You know! The other Chinese and Non-Chinese companies who practice stealing, hacking, botting and are pretty much the reason behind Blizzards aggressive stance towards RMT"
4. Prevent Blizzard, competition and scammers from purchasing our services in attempt to uncover our secret networking methods and guild infrastructure.
5. And last but not least, to protect OUR HC gamers from the risks associated with being on the other end of the spectrum. They require security as well...

So with that in mind we will address the first major change to this new policy. VIP members will be required to provide Photo ID such as a driver's license or passport which matches the identity registered with Paypal. It can be scanned and sent via email along with your Order No at the time of purchase or ahead of time. I know some of you may not want to go through all that trouble and may be worried about privacy issues. Basically, all photos will be kept confidential and encrypted on our servers and not released to any third party under any circumstances. They are needed to ensure this service remains classified; cause once the word is out it will spread like wild fire and I don't need Blizzard or the Competition ruining this for us, not to mention we have a ton of money invested into our guild infrastructure, from accounts to currency to hardware and software; and we don't need Blizzard deleting it all at a push of a button. Also this will detour scammers by 99% from doing Credit Card Fraud since it will require more effort in providing picture ID. For the person who is looking to do legitimate business and wants that extra security bonus and savings they won't mind adhering to these policy changes, only those who have ulterior motives won't like these changes as they have to do more work and can be caught a lot more easily.