High Risk of Wow Powerleveling

by : Baycoo K

What are main risk with Wow Powerleveling? And all this depends on one question that how you want to use your character in Wow PowerLeveling. And in this you need to first find out about your options. The bottom line is you want to get them leveled faster and you want to find out the risks involved in the wow powerleveling options that you have.
baycoo.com, developer of the highly-acclaimed World of Wow powerleveling, power leveling, world of warcraft gold, wow gold which has more than 8 million subscribers, banned 100,000 accounts suspected of wow powerleveling within the game. This number also includes suspected gold farmers. mostly powerleveling companies are from China.

Main question is How Do You Want to Wow Powerlevel Your Character? And You basically have 3 options.

1. Pay for a Wow Powerleveling Service

Why use a wow powerleveling service? One main reason is that it is the fastest way for you to get past all the excessive and grueling hours it takes to level your characters so you can get to the fun levels. Most leveling services assign 2-3 people to your character who know how that specific class is played. Wow Powerleveling is mostly done by grinding and sometimes by simple questing. Cost varies depending on how much wow powerleveling you want done. One of the drawbacks of a service is that when you are not doing the leveling, you miss out on the game experience of leveling your own character.

2. Acquire a Used Accounts by Trading or Buying
Another way to get a character to a level would be to acquire accounts by buying or trading accounts. This would mean acquiring an account from another player who no longer wants his/her account. You can buy, sell or trade used accounts through a company specializing in this or you can use auction sites and forums to trade accounts. Trading accounts is however against WOW's game rules.

3. Do it yourself
You can power level the traditional way, by killing monsters (grinding) and doing quests and missions. This can be very time consuming and sometimes frustrating if you don't know what and where the quests are, what quests to do and which to avoid. So to speed up this process, you can use powerleveling guides which will enable you to streamline the process by doing your own leveling and still have the experience of playing the game.

What Are the Risks Involved in Wow PowerLeveling?

Recently the amount of banned accounts due to wow powerleveling has reached an all-time high. With relatively accurate methods of tracking users, Baycoo bans accounts almost daily, even though they do not annouce it on their website. One large wow powerleveling company received almost 500 complaints when their accounts were banned.