Start With Star Craft and Work Your Way Through the Saga

by : Warren Wong

Star Craft is a military science fiction video game that has become immensely popular with players all over the world. Professional players have emerged as well, with the majority of them from South Korea where there are regular StarCraft tournaments. There is a storyline set in the 26th century to this game that players avidly follow. There are three distinct races involved, each with their own heroes and villains. There are units specific to each race and each one has different abilities and powers.

The Protoss race is very technologically advanced. This race has access to powerful units and machinery, energy shields and localized capability to wrap because of their psionic traits. The forces of this race are very slow, though, and expensive to produce. This means that players have to be aware of the quality of the units when planning their strategies.

The Zerg race is an insectoid one that have entirely organic structures and units. They can produce their units quickly and cheaply. However, this race is weaker but they can overwhelm their enemies by their large numbers. The continually build their forces through evolution. The carapaces have heavy armor and they use claws, spines and acids as weapons when fighting.

The Terrans are the humans that have been exiled from earth due to overpopulation. They are the hardened criminals and people that have genetic mutations - in other words they are the outcasts of society. They arrive in the deepest reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy to find it inhabited by the two other races, who are in constant battle with each other for control. They form the middle ground between the two races and their units and more versatile and flexible. They have access to more military style weapons, technology and machinery, such as tanks and nuclear weapons that the other races do not have.

StarCrfat featuers artificial intelligence referred to as AI. There are various scales of difficulty of AI in the game but the player cannot change the difficulty level in the campaigns for single players. Each campaign is a series of scenarios and each one starts with the enemy factions running easy AI modes. They scale through the campaign gradually increasing the level of the artificial intelligence.

In the custom map editor of the StarCraft game, a player has access to four levels of difficulty for artificial intelligence. These are easy, medium, hard and insane. The settings for the units and technologies in each of the scenarios are geared to this level of difficulty and the extent of the artificial intelligence tactical and strategic planning. In a single player campaign, there are thirty missions. These are divided into three groups of tem.

In the Starcraft game, a player does not choose to be a player for just one of the races. In a campaign a player will play a Protoss, a Zerg and a Terran. There will be ten missions for each race within one campaign. Thus, by playing this way a player has more than one perspective on the game and has an opportunity to use different kinds of strategies.