Information About Starcraft 2 Area Maps

by : Ling Tong

Just as there were maps available for the original Starcraft game, so too will there be Starcraft 2 area maps. The new map editor for this new version of the game will be able to support wall traps, doors and auto guns which are not possible in the original game. You can place any object on the map as long as it is defined in the data regardless of the tileset with which it is associated. The upgrades will also be extendable and downgradeable with the use of triggers.

The biggest change in map creation with Starcraft 2 will be in the data editor. It is here that every game database will be exposed for modification. The map sizes will be much the same as in the original, but they will fluctuate on a per player basis. You will be able to download enlarged versions of the maps as well to make it easier for you to plan your strategy. The terrain cells of the old editor have been converted so that they match those of the new editor that will be part of the package when you buy the game.

In Star Craft 11, the heroes will have a much wider range of unique abilities that differ from the regular abilities. However, in the new game, heroes will not be part of a multiplayer skirmish and will be only available in single player games. The Terrans will not be further weakened and will have plenty of counters to melee units. However, the Firebat option will still be included in the map editor. At the same time the Zerg Mutalisks will still have the capability of hitting multiple targets simultaneously.

In the area maps for Starcraft 11, you will still be able to choose scenario maps. These are used in melees or in the Use Map Settings of the game. In the melee maps, players start at different locations, so when you look over the map it is important to note where all these starting positions are. Most players print off the map before they start playing so they can study it and plan their strategy. They keep the map beside them at the computer and refer to it when needed.

Most casual melees are played on money maps, which give you access to unlimited resources and money. Initial caps are set at 50,000or more units to eliminate the need for expansion units. Use Map Settings are not as structured as melee maps and use specialized triggers and setups so that you can change the gameplay. The main focus in Star Craft 11 will be on single player campaigns, which are long scenarios.

In the basic maps of the original games, you cannot insert any text, but this will be different in the map editor that comes with Star Craft 11. You will be able to create new art files, which StarEdit is unable to do and create new units and characters. Like Star Craft, the sequel will also have maps based on movies and books.