Setting and Plot of Starcraft

by : Ling Tong

Starcraft is a military science fiction video game that first came on the market in 1998. It has become one of the best selling video games for the personal computer with over nine million copies having been sold throughout the world. The game is set in the future - in the 26th century to be exact - and revolves around three species. These are the Terrans, humans who were exiled from Earth to this planet in a distant part of the Milky Way, the Zerg, a race of insectoids whose goal is to assimilate all other species on the planet into their race to achieve genetic perfection, and the Protoss, a species of humanoids with advanced technological skills. The mission of the Protoss is to preserve their race from the Zerg.


There is a storyline associated with the Star Craft game. The overpopulation of Earth in the 21st century resulted in the exile of undesirable humans being exiled to the far reaches of the galaxy with a mission to colonize these areas. These undesirables are made up of criminals, genetic mutants and cybernetically enhanced humans. When they arrive in the Kropula sector of the planet, they form three distinct governments, each one intent on domination of the others. The Confederacy of man becomes the most powerful, but because of the oppressive and brutal way it treats the others, there is a constant state of revolt, giving rise to a terrorist group called the Sons of Korhal.

The setting of the game is December 2499, when the humans (Terrans) first dsicover the existence of other species on the planet. The Protoss attack and destroy a Confederate colony. Soon the Terrans also discover that the Protoss have other enemies on the planet in the form of the Zerg race. The Protoss are attempting to destroy plants to stop the Zerg from taking over their race. Thus the Terrans now have two races to fight and faced with a rebellion, their society is about to collapse.

When playing the game, you take on the persona of three anonymous characters. In the first part of the game, you are a Confederate governor of an outlying area that is threatened by both the Protoss and the Zerg. You have to join forces with the rebels through a series of events. In the second part of the game, you become a Zerg, playing the part of a commander with the forces. The third and final part of the game sees you as an officer in the Protoss military. In this way you get to learn the points of view of all three opponents and are not confined to one side of the story.

There is an instruction manual to help you with the plot of the game. You receive briefings before each mission and you have conversations with other characters in the game. You also have allies with whom you work in each campaign and you have to strive to achieve each mission the best way you can.