Find a Nice Digital Camera

by : Komang Setiabudi

Where are you going today? Are you going alone or together with your friends or family? Don’t forget to bring your camera. Don’t leave home without your camera. A lot of unique thing happen in the street. You can capture anything with your camera.

What is your camera? Do you still have your grandfather’s camera? Many people still use SLR (single lens reflection) cameras. A SLR camera is great because you can create photography art. A professional photographer will use both digital and analog camera.

If you go to the city and enter the camera shops, there are not many conventional cameras available now. Most people are preferred to use a compact digital camera. A digital camera is slim, full with features and easy to use. You don’t have to bring a big size camera and film wherever you want to take some pictures.

When you need to buy a digital camera you must think about the price, brand, features, picture quality, mega pixel, services and guarantee, etc. You can choose many brands such as Kodak, Canon, Pentax, Panasonic Lumix, Leica, Casio, Nikon, Sanyo, Samsung, Sony, and other brand. A digital camera starts from 1.3 mega pixels and above 10 mega pixels. You can get a good quality picture from 4 or more mega pixel resolutions. Don’t buy a digital camera below the 4 mega pixels because the picture quality is not so good when you print your photo. Recently, Canon PowerShot, Casio Exilim, Sony Cyber-shot, Panasonic Lumix and other Chinese brand Mikona camera promote 12.1 Megapixel digital cameras. Wow...

The latest digital camera also equipped with face detection technology, high sensitive ISO, anti shake, anti blur, auto focus, internal editing, and other high tech features. Also you can connect your digital camera to view full HDTV 1080p for better images. You don’t have to buy a separate video camera if you are a traveler because a compact size digital camera also equipped with a capability to make a movie. It’s incredible.

Before you make a decision please consider the feature of the camera. Don’t forget to check the brochure and browse the information in the Internet. Make sure that the lenses size, zoom, and flash light, battery life, etc. fits your needs. Ask the shop owner about bonus if you choose a particular brand. Sometime they give some bonuses such as external memory or soft case. Most digital camera also include video capture capability, but make sure that you can make a video or movie with sound or audio. Video without audio is not complete. It’s a great idea if you purchase a digital camera in a promotion season. Digital cameras are now available for both professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts. A professional digital camera is expensive and the size it’s bigger than the compact size digital camera.

K Setiabudi