The Difference Between Camera Remote Release Cable Release

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Before there were digital cameras, camera remote release came in the form of cable releases. In fact if you own a cable release, there's a good chance that it might even fit your new digital camera. On the other hand, even if it does fit your digital camera, you might want to invest in a digital camera remote releases instead.

The digital camera remote releases will ensure even less camera shake as there is nothing at all tying you and the camera together. In case you haven't already guessed, the function of a camera remote releases is to depress the release button on your camera, or in other words it triggers your camera to take a photograph, all without your touching any part of the camera.

That's why the camera remote releases is even better in its own way than the cable release. It brings the possibility of camera shake due to contact with you, down to a zero. Not that a cable release isn't any good either. On the contrary, a cable release works just as well, and close to a hundred percent of the time you won't get any sort of perceptible movement due to the cable release.

However, with a camera remote releases, you can say that a hundred percent guaranteed there will be no shake in the camera from that angle.