How to Make Your Digital Camera Batteries Last Longer

by : Mitz

Digital Camera Tips

By Mitz

A few years ago I started selling on Ebay, Which in turn, demanded the use of a Digital camera. I would take at least 50 photos a day, and sometimes up to 100. You would not believe how many batteries I went through until I realised how to save and preserve my precious digital cameras battery life. Take it from me, I never loose that great photo opportunity because my batteries have unexpectedly run out.

Get the right battery for your digital camera

I was lucky because my digital camera came with a lithium rechargeable battery and also took AA rechargeable batteries also. However, since I was a total amateur with digital cameras, I promptly ruined the lithium battery by not letting it run out properly before charging it again. Now I just use Ni-MH AA rechargeable batteries with at least a mAh rating of 2300. I have had rechargeable batteries that had a rating of 1600 and they were absolutely hopeless!!! You must have rechargeable batteries, wether it be a nickel cadmium, lithium ion or lithium polymer battery.

Turn off your flash on your digital camera

As I was taking pictures in broad daylight, there was no need to use my flash. Not only did it ruin the photo with a bright glow, but it consumed my battery power like a hungry animal. To find out how to turn the camera flash off I had to search the internet as I had lost my digital camera user manual.

Using the Lcd Screen was a big power user

I quickly learned that instead of browsing through the photos on the camera, I would wait until I had transferred them to the computer. The little harmless LCD screen on the back of most digital cameras is a total power hog.

Also if you do not need the LCD screen on, your batteries will last so much longer. Don't forget that you can still look through the viewfinder to take a picture (like they used to in the good old days). Also see how to clean your LCD screen

Use your Power Saving Mode

Turn on your power saving mode for your digital camera. It almost works like a screensaver and can put your camera in sleep mode if left on by accident. It is usually a simple setting in the menu of your camera.

Avoid zooming in and out.

If you were just playing with your digital camera and started zooming in and out constantly, your batteries would be dead within 10 minutes, whereas they would usually last 2-3 hours. They may even be dead flat within 5 minutes, depending on what type of zoom you have.

Taking video clips with your digital camera

This is a big power user. The camera is made for digital stills and usually has the extra feature of being albe to take video clips. Not only does it take up room on your storage space, but it also uses your battery power very quickly. If you do plan to take video clips with your digital camera you should be sure that you have more batteries on hand. I usually take videos with the leftover battery power I have left when I have finished taking all the photos I need.

In cold weather, keep your camera and batteries warm in your jacket until you are ready to use them. The cold drains batteries very quickly.

Carry spare batteries at all times

Why risk loosing that great photo opportunity because your batteries in your digital camera just happen to run out. Carry a spare set of digital camera batteries, it's not rock science. For example, at one of my children's sports day carnivals, another mother had to ask me to take photos of her child as well as mine, as her batteries in her camera just died unexpectedly. Because she was not prepared, she had to trust that I would catch that special moment for her child.