Computer Gaming Versus Console Gaming

by : steve alfred

There has always been an ongiong debate as to which form of gaming consoles offer you the best quality and performance.The main debate being between the use of computers or colsoles such as Xbox 360,playstation (1,2,3),nintendo wii and so forth.Now most gamers will go on and tell you that it is more worthwile to use console systems than computers due to the apparent plug and play ease of use.But lets take a look below at the advantages and disadvantages between computer gaming and console gaming.

1. Installation of Game

One major advantage of the sony,xbox and nintendo console systems is the fact that it is all about plug and play.No need to worry about having to wait 30 minutes to install a 5 gigabyte game on a hardrive with the possibility that there might be compatability issues.This is where console systems have a major advangate over computer systems.

2 Graphics quality

This section is highly debatable.Many people including myself will tell you that the graphics offered by computers for gaming can be far superior to that of sony playstation,xbox and nintendo.This is obviously due to the fact that pc graphics cards like GeForce and ATI have large amounts of video ram which allows games to have sharper images and run faster.And there is always a continous entrance of new and improved graphics cards to the mrket each year.With console systems,you have to make do with what you are given.There is no possibility of upgrading.So the computer probably wins this battle,but then again it is debatable.

3.Performance of Games

Now lets start with the computer.We all know that the performance of your game is directly affected by the quality of your pc.By quality I mean amount of RAM,CPU,Hard Drive size,video card and drivers.The higher your PC specs are, the better the game can look and play.The major disadvantage here is that computers and gaming applications can be prone to viruses,corrupted or missing files and general sluggishness due to cluttered hard drives.The popular console systems like playstation,xbox and nintendo take advantage here in that they have hardly any performance issues apart from the rare freeze (In my experience).

4. Modifications

The great thing about playing games on your computer is that you can make modifications to your game via downloading of patches,add ons or general updates which can possbibly fix and enhance the performance of your game.With console systems however, once again you are stuck with what you have.This is probably no such a great factor because if you buy a particular game,any updated available for computer will not change the game in such a big way.

5. Availability of Games

Lets face it, all of the games that are available on PC are not all available on the other console systems.This again is another great advantage of computer systems.

So there are my five comparisions with the advantages and disadvantages between the two types of gaming platforms.People will agree and some will disagree about those factors and others not ,but at the end of the day you just have to choose the platform which appeals to you the most.Personally I like PC's because of the sharp graphics and wide availability of games,but like I said It's up to you.