Writing a Term Paper

by : Liaquat Ali

Term paper is generally used as a catch-all phrase to refer to assignments that you would be expected to write throughout a semester. A term paper is an original written work that discusses a particular topic in detail.

During the process of writing a term paper you gain a lot of knowledge, which will help you a lot in the long run. There are many things involved in writing a term paper such as deciding on the term paper topic, looking out for the right sources, separating opinions and facts, deleting unwanted information and organizing the collected material.

While writing a term paper, your way of thinking is refined further and your analytical skills are sharpened. This gives you a good opportunity to learn to write expressively and clearly. You can study and research in depth about the topic during the process of writing a term paper. Your thinking skills are improved while you are developing and organizing your idea and this is especially beneficial to those who have plans to take up full time research in the future.

Getting familiar with the term paper format is very important before you start off. To write a compelling term paper it is always helpful to know how to write one. Many websites offer sample term papers. These sample term papers on a wide variety of topics and you can take a look at some topics that are related to your chosen one. Doing so will help you to have an idea of how the term paper has to be written.

Before you start writing a term paper, the thing of primary importance is deciding on a topic. Initially, think of a specific topic or area that interests you a lot. This topic should be such that it is neither too narrow nor too broad.

Now, you will have to decide what kind of information you need to collect for the chosen topic.

1) Will primary sources be necessary?

2) Will you have to support your topic with current and historical details?

3) Is your topic concerned with a particular time period or geographic area?

4) Are statistical or technical data needed for your topic?

Overviews on the chosen topic can be collected from dictionaries, encyclopedias and textbooks. Journal articles and books will give you well researched and latest information on the topic. You have another option of referring to online journals that are easily accessible but may cost you a few dollars.

But it is worth spending those few dollars for subscribing for these articles because they contain up to date information on discoveries and research. Bibliographies also are a great asset. They help you find more related information with the list of book and author citations that they provide.

Other sources from which you can obtain additional information (information not found in standard books) are pamphlets, statistical data and government publications. The other great option is to look for information on search engines like Yahoo, Google etc.

The one important thing to do when you are asked to write a term paper is to think beforehand on the sources you need and where to collect the information from. If you want to make term paper writing a simple task, what you need to do is plan ahead.