College Grant Money for Students with Financial Needs

by : Jim Zorn

Grant money for college can be a godsend for students who cannot afford to pay for a college education. A study grant is a sum of money that is provided to a college student to help to meet at least a part of the college expenses.

Grants do not have to be repaid and they are usually based on the need of students or on a combination of need and merit.

Graduate students may be offered grants in return for services like research and teaching that are performed under the supervision of members of the faculty. Grants may also be provided in exchange for professional service after graduation and this is especially prevalent in the health care profession.

Grant money for college is available from a variety of sources that include local, state and federal government, universities and colleges and public and private organizations.

Grants for non-traditional students

Non-traditional students have to juggle their work and family lives and most of them find it difficult to finance their college education. People are living longer and more working adults are choosing to take up a college education at a later stage in life.

More and more non-traditional students, who don't belong to the usual 18 to 24-year old age group, are returning to college.

Online distance learning is one of the most significant trends in the present day and online degrees are being offered by many universities, including the University of Phoenix.

More grant money for college is available for traditional students than for non-traditional students, but due to the growing numbers of non-traditional students, educational institutions are moving to remedy this.

People who are avoiding pursuing a traditional college education due to financial problems can fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for federal aid and apply for a Pell Grant.

Pell Grants are available to students in financial need, who are enrolled for at least half the time. These grants have been a major source of financial aid, mainly for undergraduate students.

Are you eligible for a grant?

Grant money for college is available for special populations that may be identified on the basis of demographics or health conditions. These include minorities, women, veterans, international students and disabled people.

Grants are also provided to those who want to return to school to pursue a specialized professional subject like nursing or criminal justice. There are also some grants that are meant for the general population.

People who work for worthy social causes in areas like crime prevention, health care and education can qualify for educational grants. Details of work done for a worthy causes can be mentioned in your resume or career portfolio, and can give potential employers a good impression of you.

As a non-traditional student, there are many grants that you can apply for and all you need to research the grants you are eligible for is a computer with Internet access.