Write Science Right

by : Ann E. Power, Ph.D.

Write Science Right "www.writescienceright.com" is a group of native English-speaking professional scientists with experience conducting scientific research as well as reading, writing and publishing scientific articles. It is our mission to provide affordable scientific editing services of the highest quality to our colleagues around the world. All scientific editors associated with Write Science Right have earned PhDs in their areas of specialty. Each client is matched with the scientific editor that is most familiar with that client's specialty. Within forty-eight hours of submitting an express order, you will be contacted by your scientific editor.

For your convenience, your scientific documents may be submitted directly online via the express order form, electronically as email attachments, or sent by mail on CD, diskette, or zip disk. It normally takes 4 to 6 business days for this scientific editing process to be completed. But if you are in a hurry, for a 20% premium you may request a rush order for editing of your research articles or other scientific language documents. We provide 100% confidential science writing editing. For more information about issues of confidentiality, please read our privacy statement.

Your Write Science Right editor will begin working on your order at his or her soonest convenience. Before any changes are recommended, our editorial process begins with several careful readings and a close study your writing. Your editor's recommendations are guided by your central arguments throughout the editing process. This editor will be in direct contact with you throughout the editing process. If there is any ambiguity in your writing, your editor will email you with questions. This communication ensures that your ideas are always faithfully maintained. Your documents will continue to be read and revised, and read and revised, and read and revised further until your editor is fully satisfied with the quality of the writing.

Your documents will be returned to you as an email attachment with all suggested changes tracked. You may elect to accept or reject each editing suggestion individually in your edited documents. Reviewing these editorial suggestions can greatly improve your future scientific writing in English… and save you money in future editing hours! As clients generally choose to accept all recommended revisions, for your convenience you will also receive a version of your edited documents with all recommended editorial changes already accepted.

Write Science Right has the highest standards of scientific writing quality and provides superb scientific English revision services. Great care is taken to present your ideas clearly, concisely and effectively so that you will be able to present your findings and ideas with confidence. We provide scientific English revision for all kinds of scientific writing including original research articles, scientific review articles, poster presentations, slide presentation, theses, dissertations, manuals etc. Native English-speakers who struggle with the writing process are welcome to employ this service.