Hunting History & Becoming a Pheasant Hunter

by : Razvan Jr

Out of all the bird game hunts, pheasant hunting ahs the most prolonged and tumultuous history behind it. Since these birds were first introduced in Europe in the 10th century they have been a popular target for hunting enthusiasts all over. After a period of extinction in Britain, the bird was introduced to areas in Asia and later in the United States, today counting as many as 45 million birds in the U.K. and the U.S. alone. This is a mere consequence of the popularity it enjoys amongst hunters of all ages, as well as dedicated programs to ensure that the future generations have the chance to hunt pheasants without the fear of extinction.

Firstly, pheasant hunting is a sport of patience, quiet movement, skill and steady hands. Every aspect plays an important role in the overall success and therefore all should be considered golden rules. While patience is not a particularity of pheasant hunting, being an essential attribute of any hunter, quiet movement is. These birds have highly sensitive hearing and sight and your every step can alert them if not done in a silent manner. It has been said that, once learned properly, moving slowly and deliberately, while making very little noise, will win you 50% of the "battle", so have this practices until flawless.

Skill is far more important in pheasant hunting than in other types of hunting because these birds are very agile and fast flyers, sometimes having unusual and sinuous movements while in the air. Fortunately, you can always pick an ally to aid you; your trusty hound is invaluable in such conditions. Letting your canine friend take care of chasing the bird around can facilitate your mission as you will be focusing only on the shooting itself. Even with the dogs tiring the bird, bringing it down is not easy, and here is where natural skill as well as experience come in handy.

However, difficult the entire process may seem, the reward is often enough to forget all the difficulties and start all over again, sometimes with a boost of excitement and motivation. The most satisfying thing about pheasant hunting is believed to be seeing your hound with a bird in his mouth coming towards you. And everyone who has hunted at least once alongside a hound knows that upbeat feeling.

Last but certainly not least, pheasants are hunted for their meat as well. Although tough and dry in its natural state, modern cookery uses moist roasting or farm-raised female birds. Many restaurants have begun to offer their clients pheasant specials and the recipes have turned out to be a stunning success wherever they've been introduced.

All things considered, being a pheasant hunter today is much more than a simple occupation or hobby, as it offers you irresistible thrill, an extraordinary experience, delicious meal resources, and the chance to be amazed every single time.