Tips for Catfish Fishing

by : Robert W. Benjamin

Catfish are popular amongst many types of fishermen. There are 37 catfish families and these species are found in both freshwater and saltwater, depending upon the type of catfish. Perhaps one of the most distinctive traits which catfish possess is their catlike whiskers, or barbels. It is hard to mistake a catfish for another type of fish due to this visible attribute.

Catfish are creatures of habit, during the day they tend to hide around submerged rocks and logs where they can shelter themselves from any possible predators. It is at nighttime when these unique fish seek out the open water to find food. Catfish are plentiful in number with regard to family and species type. They are found in various areas throughout the world although certain types of catfish stay within certain regions.

Catfish vary in size, depending on their age and what variety they are. They can range anywhere from a few inches to a few feet and come in a variety of weights as well. One unique trait which a catfish possesses, in addition to the familiar barbells, is the lack of any scales. This also makes identifying a catfish quite an easy task for beginner and advanced fishermen alike.

The catfish eats a variety of foods which come within its reach. Items such as smaller fish, water insects and more all make up the eclectic menu for the catfish. For the avid fishermen out there who target catfish as their selected catch, there are a few tips which make fishing for catfish that much easier. The first tip is to fish for these varieties at nighttime when they are out and about.

Since they tend to hide during the daylight hours, fishermen who are looking to catch catfish should do so when night falls. As for bait, there are a few items which catfish are more drawn to than others. Tantalizing items for the catfish include live bait such as shrimp, chicken liver and worms whereas lures in the form of spoons, jigs and spinners will all do the trick of catching some catfish.

Catfish are a unique type of fish which many fishermen look for when they are out on the water. Fishermen who desire to reel in some catfish are sure to find that the previously mentioned tips may help them to land that perfect catch.

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By Robert W. Benjamin

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