How To Kill Tavarok WOW Mana Tombs Boss

by : Glen Meyers

Within the Terokkar Forest zone and in the center of The Bone Wastes, you will find an area called Auchindoun. When you are at the Ring of Observance and standing besides the Meeting Stone, Mana Tombs will be located directly to your North. You will see many Consortium NPCs standing outside the front door to this instance. Inside is where you will find Tavarok; the second boss of Mana Tombs.

Tavarok has two abilities that every party member should be aware of before engaging him:

Earthquake - This ability has a range of about 35 yards. It inflicts approx. 800 points of damage to anyone within its range and an additional 2,000 points of damage over the next few seconds. Players that are caught within the range of Earthquake will also get stunned for approx. 5 seconds. Healers, casters, and hunters should stay at maximum distance from Tavarok throughout the entire fight and do their best not to pull aggro from the tank. If you pull aggro, Tavarok will charge you and other players will most likely get hit by his next Earthquake. This may lead to a wipe, especially if one of the stunned players is your healer.

Crystal Prison - This is a random debuff that deals 50% of your total health in damage over a period of five seconds. This can’t be avoided, so your healer will have to take care of any player who gets this debuff, or players should bring along their own healing potions and bandages for this fight.?

There is nothing tricky about this fight. In fact, it is commonly refereed to as a simple “tank and spank".? Avoid the Earthquakes. Keep your tank healed. Don’t pull aggro. Accomplish those three things and you will find this encounter to be extremely easy. Good luck!

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