Where to Find Writing Jobs Online

by : Abdallah Khamis Abdallah

A freelance writer’s best resource of finding jobs online are Job boards or sites like Jobadvisor or JobsDB. While some boards are geared specifically to the freelancer, many others also list other type of jobs.

Some job boards allow freelancers to register their profiles and credentials for prospective employers to peruse, others allow resumes and classified ads to be posted. Other sites such as www.elance.com enable employers to post jobs and freelancers to bid fees for the jobs. The site earns a place for any jobs awarded. There are other sites similar to www.elance.com such as www.jobsdb.com.

There are many writing job boards online and it is not that difficult to discover them. Some Jobs boards provide links to other job sites and the list could be a bit long.

Searching through the major search engines can also provide an exhaustive list of writing jobs. Use key words such as:

If you have checked and submitted resumes to many sites and have not got any job. I suggest you assess your skills and consider taking some relevant writing courses. You can also get more tips from online resources such as Jobadvisor Career Guides.

Further, you may also supplement these with a college degree in a relevant field to enhance your marketability. While doing so do some writing exercises and write articles on a wide variety of topics and post them on to articles submission sites online